Illamasqua Paranormal Collection Review

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Illamasqua have done it again! I am in love with the new Paranormal Collection. This collection features some really gorgeous neon colours in the “Paranormal Palette” a Gel Eyeliner and the amazing “Hydra Veil”


As usual Illamasqua delivers really well on pigmentation. The eyeshadow palette “Paranormal” is one of my favourite items from this collection as it has a weird texture, its not fully a powder but its not a cream either it feels quite like a silicone texture all of the colours are reasonabley pigmented which for Illamasqua is no surprise. In this palette you have Paranormal a vivid cerise, Aura a warm copper, Trance a soft violet and Possession a cool green 

The Pricision Gel Liner is very pigmented as well it has to be one of the most blackest black gel liners ive ever used, there is somehting about this gel liner that i really like but i cant put my finger on it, i think it might just because you can create such a smooth pigmented line with it and the colour stays true rather than fading out.

Wear Time

The eyeshadows from the Paranormal palette are waterproof so they will last a long time although being waterproof they are not creaseproof so you will have to use a primer under them or set with a powder eyeshow on top
The Pricision Gel Liner lasts quite a long time i had it on my hand for about 5/6 hours before i showered and washed it off so it does last quite a long time

Hydra Veil

I wanted to talk about Hydra Veil in a different part as its hard to fit it into the above catagories. I have to say im obsessed with Hyda Veil i suggest something like this to David Horne last year and im so glad the product now exists its a fabulous hydrating product that contains ingridents to help hydrate skin before makeup its said to be a a half and half product, half priming and half moisturising which i find really useful. I used this the other day when doing a makeup look and was really surprised how well it performed when i applied makeup on top


As always the packaging is the same as all the other Illamasqua products its got the same shape and mirror and the gel liner is held in a screw type lid.

Price and Where to Buy

You can purchace the Illamasqua Paranormal Collection from or from any counter or stand alone store. Hydra Veil is £27, The Pricision Gel Liner is £18 and the Paranormal Palette is  £34

The Good and The Bad

The Good?- The gel liner has to be the blackest black ever! and stays put
The Bad?- I wish the Paranormal palette was crease resistant

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  1. I just love the look of everything in this collection! Would love to give Hydra Veil a try but unfortunately it’s a bit out of my price range 🙁

  2. Ooh, the liner is tempting. Most other liners have long gone by the end of the day. this one might be worth road testing. Great review! A x

  3. Great post. Yet another fab collection from Illamasqua! I am really interesting in the Hydra Veil, I might just have to go and check it out. It looks really good. xx

  4. Great post. Yet another fab collection from Illamasqua! I am really interesting in the Hydra Veil, I might just have to go and check it out. It looks really good. xx

  5. I love the make up products, but I feel like the nail varnishes over shadow the products yet again :/ xx

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