Pixi Glow Tonic – Worth the Hype??

Pixi Glow Tonic - Worth the Hype??

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I dont tend to be the type of person that buys into the hype of things, to be honest im usually one of the last people to try something because how good can a product really be?
Well let me tell you the hype is real and is every bit deserved. I have used around of the bottle already and i can see the benefits already. I know that the idea of another step in your skincare routine might seem a bit much but i would say this is one step you dont want to miss out!

Pixi Glow Tonic - Worth the Hype??

Glow Tonic is an Exfoliating Toner containing a mix of Glycolic Acid commonly know as an AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid – this awesome ingredient can help to slough off dead skin cells on the outer most layer of the skin. Since Glycolic acid is a small molecule it can be quite irritating but with the addition of Aloe Vera this soothes any potential irritation, Horse Chestnut which has soothing, anti-irritant, toning properties, Ginseng Extract is a fantastic ingredient because it not only contains a lot of phytonutrients but because it helps tone and brighten skin over time. There are also studies that show Ginzing being able to stimulate collagen!

Pixi Glow Tonic - Worth the Hype??

I use Glow Tonic every evening now, you could use it twice a day but i like to use NIOD SDSM2 in the morning to protect my face against oxidative stress, the environment, pollution etc. Glow Tonic would be applied after cleansing unless instructed otherwise.

Glycolic for me really is the best because it saves me from having to use a physical exfoliator, i never liked the idea of using physical exfoliators because they either left my skin feeling a bit sensitive (I’m a little heavy handed sometimes haha) and the fact that some grains/beads in exfoliators can leave your with tiny micro-tears in your skin which if can let in all sorts of nasties into your skin.

Pixi Glow Tonic - Worth the Hype??

If you find that you can’t use Glow Tonic, i would suggest looking at something like Lactic Acid or Mandelic Acid as these are both still AHA’s but have larger molecules so you will be less prone to irritation

I feel like we also need to get away from thinking about toners like the ones that were around 30 years ago they used to be used to remove the remnants of your cleanser and any else left over that wasnt cleansed away so these days we have such advanced cleansers we dont need the toners of the old days anymore. These days i always like to think of a toner as either your acid tone or a hydrating mist in which you can use both if you need to

Pixi Glow Tonic - Worth the Hype??

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A little note you will have to wear SPF daily once you start using an AHA because they are photoreactive and can cause photosensitivity

You can find Pixi Glow Tonic online at pixibeauty.co.uk or in Marks & Spencer Beauty Hall for £18 (250ml)

Have you used Glow Tonic?
What is your favourite AHA?
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  1. Ive been interested in this for a while, your review might have just given me that extra push I needed to buy! I like the sound of the ingredients as well. Aloe vera is so good for so many things! So any product with this really grabs my attention.

    Hayley xx

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