Neostrata Targeted Eye Cream Review

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This was a post i had saved to my drafts for ages and i wasnt sure if i was going to post it seeing as the images are from my old photo style, but since im ill i thought what they hey its a good blog post haha!

I’m not usually a massive fan of eye creams lately because i think that if hydration is your only worry, moisturisers are more complex and safer to apply around the eyes these days so eye creams fall short. The only time i like using an eye cream is if it has actual active ingredients in it like the Neostrata Targeted Eye Cream.

Neostrata Targeted Eye Cream is a rather active eye cream as it contains 4% Gluconolactone which is a PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid) its like an AHA but a lot gentler and you suffer far less irritation from PHA’s. Gluconolactone replenishes the skin’s moisture levels and stimulates cell turnover. It also preserves the skin’s elasticity by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down collagen.

Neostrata Targeted Eye Cream Review

I have been using this on and off for a couple of months now and i have been using this in the PM as i have a good day eye cream that i already like using. This eye cream goes on really easily, spreads well and absorbs pretty fast so i dont have to wait around to apply my next step.
I’ve found that my eyes not only look less puffy which you will know is a big thing for me. My under eyes also look smoothed out and plump which is something i really like about this because i didn’t realise until recently that some of the darkness under my eyes was because the skin there was quite thin.

Depending on the type of eye cream that you use result times can vary if you’re using a hydrating eye cream you’ll see results immediately but when you are using something more targeted and active it can take some time to see the results. I’ve found that i started to see results after a week or two but now a month later i can see a definite improvement.

Neostrata Targeted Eye Cream Review

If you are interested in trying out Neostrata Targeted Eye Cream you can find it on for £26.49 as its on sale just now the normal price is £37.

What is your favourite eye cream?
Have you tried Neostrata before?
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