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    Natural Skincare Done The Right Way With Merumaya

I love face products as they as they shape or add colour and luminance which we all love even if you love the Pale 1920’s look or your a Bronzed Goddess. My Favorites range from drug store to highend! (In no order) Benefit Perfect 10– This is a Bronzer and Highlighter in one which might sound weird but it smells amazing!! ((what is it with me smelling makeup haha)) You get a really nice pinky highlighter that looks to have some golden undertones which is really nice i love this because it really does highlight the cheeks nicely. The Bronzer…

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Hey Beauties! I recently got my Pro Palette and i love it! I got 15 different colours then im going to get another Pro Palette with Neutrals in it as this one has colours in it, you have to buy the Palette (£11.50 or $14) separate then buy the 15 de-potted eyeshadows (£9.50 or $11) Vanilla Pink Venus Chrome Yellow Electric Eel Swimming Bitter Brick Red Passionate Atlantic Blue Creme de Violet Parfait Amour Beauty Marked Woodwinked  Electra  Black Tied Total= £154 or $179 (Palette included in Total) My Favourite colour would have to be either Woodwinked, Electric Eel or Atlantic Blue. I love…

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Hey Beauties! MAC has recently brought out a collection called “Sized to go” which is actually such a rip off! i wouldn’t advise you to buy it.((you can buy the empty MAC Containers and fill them up with the full sized product!)) In this collection: MAC Sized to Go FIX + $10 MAC Sized to Go CLEANSE OFF OIL/TRANQUIL $10 MAC Sized to Go CLEANSE OFF OIL $10 MAC Sized to Go PRO EYE MAKEUP REMOVER $10 MAC Sized to Go DEMI-WIPES $15 MAC Sized to Go OIL CONTROL LOTION $15 MAC Sized to Go GREEN GEL CLEANSER $10 MAC Sized to…

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Hey Beauties! I thought i would do a blog today or tonight, about face primers ill list some amazing primers i find work amazingly some will be Drug Store or affordable primers and then 2 of my favourite high end Primers First- Why do we use Primers? We use primers because it helps to give our faces a soft, smooth palette to start applying our foundation. There are different kinds of primers- such as ones for dry skin, matte skin, to help moisturise, colour correct (Smashbox Primers) and some to help give a glow to the skin. They are also used to…

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Hey Beauties! So i have had a few people ask me now how do i apply Eyeliner right? First you need….An Eyeliner….or as some call Guyliner ( Of course) There are different types of eyeliner that you could use: Pencil– Which is the typical standard form which comes in different colours and is used either to liner the lashes or to line the water liner or below the lashes- Difficulty- Beginner (Easy)   Liquid- Which usually comes in a bottle and has a felt tip or a brush applicator, this usually last longer and can be used to created more…

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Hey Beauties! Today im going to be doing a Comparison of the E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush and the MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush In my opinion i think that the 187 is better just because it is more dense and i think it blends better it is also softer when blending because the fibres are softer and less “Scratchy”. They both work really well i do like them both as they both do the job but i personally prefer the 187 but if you are on a budget then the ELF Studio Stipple Brush is for you MAC 187= £31…

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