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Eyeliner….FOR MEN!

26th May 2011 in Uncategorised - No Comments - 3 min read

Hey Beauties!
So i have had a few people ask me now how do i apply Eyeliner right? First you need….An Eyeliner….or as some call Guyliner ( Of course)

There are different types of eyeliner that you could use:

  • Pencil– Which is the typical standard form which comes in different colours and is used either to liner the lashes or to line the water liner or below the lashes- Difficulty- Beginner (Easy)

  • Liquid- Which usually comes in a bottle and has a felt tip or a brush applicator, this usually last longer and can be used to created more defined looks this can only be used near the lashes cause trust me if you try to use this on your waterline it will burn! Difficulty- Harder (you have to work up to this as it can be heard to control and once you make a mistake its hard to change)

  • Gel Liner or Cream Liner- These are usually in pots and you use a fine brush or a slanted brush to apply these i would say these are easier to use and more vibrant than pencil they come in all sorts of colours and are easy to use in my opinion. They can dry up fast sometimes but generally good staying power 
  • Pen Eyeliners- these are really good they are like liquid liners but you have more control as it is in the shape of a pencil/pen but you do need a steady hand with these i really like them because they give the definition of a Liquid Liner but the control of a Pencil Liner!

  • Cake Eyeliner – these have to be my ultimate favourite because they can be used as thinly as a Liquid liner or really thick like a cream liner. All you need to do is mix some “Sealing Gel” or Water with the cake to make a really thin or thick or whatever you want you have control and it is applied using a brush like Gel or Cream and you have much more control as well (Using “Sealing Gel” will make your liner last longer as it is water proof)

When you are doing eyeliner for men you want to get as close to the lash line as you can so it makes the lashes stand out! but you can do what Pete Wentz does and blend the liner up onto the lid

So close your eye, use any liner you like but when im finished ill list some you might like and run the Wand, Pencil or brush over the top of the lid trying to keep as close as you can to the lash line
for under the eye, Use pencil as you can see from the picture you can smudge it with a brush to get the faded look then pull down on the upper cheek and line the Waterline
Only use either a soft pencil or Gel if it doesn’t sting (ELF Cream Liner) works well on the waterline

Urban Decay 27-4 Liners (Pencil) – Search Google
ELF Cream Liner , Elf Liquid Liner or ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
Lancome Ink Art Liner (Gel)
Illamasqua Cake Eyeliner
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner
Max Factor Eye Kohl
Revlon Eye Kohl
Rimmel Liquid Liner
Collection 2000 Eyeliner
No7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner

I’m happy to answer any and all questions.

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Thanks for Reading!

Andrew James

Scottish science nerd obsessed with all things beauty! Creator of The Skincare Saviour, a skincare blog covering everything from reviews, tutorials to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends.

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