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i went shopping today, Yay!! I was in Illamasqua buying a few things and when i said what i wanted i got a gift.
the Illamasqua Illumine Oil, which i would have to admit was not something i would have bought (free gift)
but i have it now and i can say its a really good product because its really pretty (not sure how i could use it). The Illumine Oil is a white oil with a sort of pink purple shimmer through it. it looks really shimmery but really isnt once you put it on and you can hardly see the “glitter” only when it catches the light, it has a nice smell of Coconuts to it which i love
it is really oily as its an oil but it moisturises really well and looks amazing on the skin. If i could change anything about this would be maybe brining out a new Illumine Oil  but a clear one the same as Volt but without the glitter.
This product retails for £32 and you get 100ml of Product

Overall its a difficult product to use in the sense of how would i best use it?

Illumine Oil in Volt

I love the Texture, so soft and “milky” but turns to clear and gives a gorgeous shine and smell

Thanks for Reading!

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