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Great Multipurpose Product- Illamasqua Cream Pigment

30th December 2011 in Uncategorised - 13 Comments - 3 min read

Hey Beauties. Thought id tell you about an amazing product, quite unique as well
I am in love with these because they are so multi-use as i will explain below
I own Mould with is a really grape colour which has the consistancy of a concealer. I also have Dab which is  really light Lilac Purple which is Matte as well. What i love about these is there ablitity to Blend, they look and feel like a concealer and blend like one as well which is really interesting to me. Although I do feel there is a down side to these but it isn’t that big, these pigments crease so badly if you don’t powder and prime your lids because they are so creamy. 
-TIP- if you prime your lid let it sit then apply these and powder with an eyeshadow or with a clear powder you should be fine

Mould (TOP) and Dab (BOTTOM)
Cream Pigments can be used in a number of ways:
  • Colour Correctors– you can use Bedaub to correct any redness that you may have in your face as well as the orange colour, Androgen which is a salmon colour would be good for counter acting blues in the face such as dark circles and dark pigmentation such as stubble  (use with a light hand though, dont cake it on)
  • Contour- You could use Rose Taupe or Hollow(Toffee Colour) to contour your skin if you had very light skin or just maybe even normal skin, i have to say i haven’t tried contouring with them but i’ve heard from Illamasqua that it does look good. You could even use Mould to contour if you were doing a more artistic look because that is a Matte Finish and blends amazingly
  • Eye Base- These pigments crease like mad so i would use them as a base then put colour eyeshadow on top of them just to stop it from creasing on the lid, They all look pretty amazing but then again they crease a lot so i tend to stay away from eyes with them 
  • Lip Colour- Now this is my Favourite use for the Cream Pigments, when you use them as lip colours you get use pigmentation and staying power on the lips its amazing i have used Mould Pigment on my lips for Grape Purple lips for a while now and i have to admit that is maybe my best colour for wearing(little sophie liner to blend in, mould and some gloss(sometimes just leave it Matte) and I’m set to go)
  • Art- They can also be used to “paint” on the face or to draw designs etc which is amazing.
From Left to Right- Hollow, Rose Taupe, Mould, Emerge, Bedaub, Dab

Overall i really like these Pigments but at £17.50 each they are quite expensive but i haven’t came across anything like this before , they really are quite Unique im planning to get some more.

I really love this image because its so beautiful but then so different as you can see different Pigments were used which is think is really awesome here!

What do you think of these?
Where and how would you use them?
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Thanks for Reading!
Andrew James

Scottish science nerd obsessed with all things beauty! Creator of The Skincare Saviour, a skincare blog covering everything from reviews, tutorials to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends.

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