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Do’s and Don’ts of Male Grooming

22nd February 2013 in Male Grooming, Skincare, Uncategorised - 6 Comments - 2 min read

A while back I said I was going to start doing more posts including men’s skincare and cosmetics so this is the first of many a post about the topic!
I thought I would start off with something simple a few do’s and don’ts to get everyone started. I’ve put done some of my personal opinions as well as asked some Beauty Bloggers and other Makeup Artists opinions

I think my biggest tip for skincare on anyone is,

  • Don’t wash your face with Soap and Water it can dry your skin out so badly causing it to age prematurely and if you keep doing it for prolonged periods your skin will start to resemble a leather like texture
  • Taking a brow gel through your brows can be enough to tidy them up and give them some sort of shape i find that sometimes a powder or a pencil is too much for guys but Brow Gel is just perfect as it adds colour/texture and fixes everything into place
  • Taking a concealer over your trouble spots works so much better than using a foundation all over as you will give the coverage without looking made up
  • Set with a face powder to make sure everything is in place this way it will last longer and you wont look shiney you will have the perfect flawless matte skin
  • If you go over the top with the concealer take something like MAC Fix+ and spray it on your face and buff it out that way you disperse the makeup without removing it and keeping some of the coverage
I have some tips now from other Industry Insiders-

“Men shouldn’t be afraid of beauty products, if you want to try something just do it it doesn’t make you less of a man if you want to try the latest moisturiser or steal your girlfriends lip balm”

    -Jayne Read from JaynesKitschen

“Stick to a regular routine.. using anything once won’t do a thing” 
    -Jane from BritishBeautyBlog

“Don’t all for marketing and restrict yourself to ‘men only’ skincare ranges. If something isn’t working for you, change it.”
   -Andy from Pampered Prince

Take care of nails on hands and feet. Grooming isn’t just about face and hair.
   -Daniel Sandler from Daniel Sandler Cosmetics

“Groomed brows, cut and waxed but slightly rugged, nose and ears waxed.”
  – Billion Dollar Brows UK

What is your favourite tip?
What do you think of male grooming?
Leave a comment!

I’m happy to answer any and all questions.

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