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Vichy Homme Hydra Mag C+ Review

8th March 2013 in Skincare, Uncategorised - 4 Comments - 2 min read

Hey Male Beauties!

Today im coming to you with a review of the Vichy Homme Hydra Mag C+, a great product for you guys out there who read my blog!
Ive not really used much “For Men” products as i think they are really all the same whether you slap a “for men” label on it or not but i really like this product, Vichy describes it as:

“Especially suited to male skin, the combination of magnesium and phosphoriled vitamin C invigorates a dull and tired complexion, while fortifying the skin with protecting glycerine and Vichy Thermal Spa Water. The epidermis is moisturised, reinforced, and perfectly prepared for the day, with a renewed appearance.

The fresh and invigorating texture is non-greasy and ultra-absorbent, making for a matte and clear finish on the skin. The complexion looks brighter and more awake.”

It does everything it says, im not one who knows a lot about skincare but i did notice quite a big difference when using this with the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume as my skin is quite dry this helped to get rid of the dryness and hydrate my skin, it also helped to brighten my skin a bit because having dry skin makes your skin a little dull so this is a great product for that

I like the packaging it comes in its a little pump bottle that dispense the right amount of product that you will be for your entire face.
I would totally recommend this for anyone but i think it works best for those who want hydration because me having dry skin i think it really benefited me. The Hydra Mag C+ is also good for reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles

The product its self is quite thick but applies well and absorbs well, it has quite a strong masculine scent to it as well but the thing that got me the most was the colouring of it it honestly looks so weird

As you can see it has a really weird greeny yellow tint to it and i wont mention what it looks like haha! but yeah the appearance is a small mishap i think but the product its self is great

You can purchase this from who are having a sale and with the Vichy Homme Hydra Mag C+ you are getting 33% off its usually £16.50 but on sale its only £11

What do you think of this?
Have you used the Homme range before?
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Andrew James

Scottish science nerd obsessed with all things beauty! Creator of The Skincare Saviour, a skincare blog covering everything from reviews, tutorials to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends.

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