Dove Men+Care Hydrate Moisturiser Review

Hey Male Beauties and all others reading!

A while ago i talked about posting more stuff more men as well as my usual posts so today i have a review for the male readers out there on the Dove Men+Care Hydrate Moisturiser. Moisturising is really important because everyone’s skin needs moisture and hydration our bodies are 65% so you can see how important it is to moisturise

I really like this moisturiser because from my point of view it works which is always a good point hah! but its the fact that it isnt tacky that i like it absorbs into the skin really fast and leaves my skin feeling hydrated whereas i feel others just sit on my skin and dont really absorb into the skin. I think also the scent is an important factor because normal guys dont want it to smell “girly” so this has quite a masculine scent to it but not overpowering it disappears after a while

I also love the packaging its really sleek and simple in a small but sturdy bottle, it has a pump on the to which kind of annoys me because it pumps out a bit too much product so you have to be careful how hard you press it

 I think overall this is a good moisturiser for guys to use because it smells nice, its easy to use and it works. the Dove Men+Care range comes in different formulas i bought the Hydrate because i have dry skin but you could buy either they Hydrate, Revitalise or Sensitive.
The Dove Men+Care Hydrate Moisturiser is £8.99 and you get 50ml of product. It is available from drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug or online at

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