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Daniel Sandler Luxury Lipstick in Goddess Review

31st July 2013 in Uncategorised - 16 Comments - 2 min read
Daniel Sandler Luxury Lipstick in Goddess Review

Hey Beauties!

I got this Daniel Sandler lipstick while i was in London and only just came across it in my “stash” when i was packing for a makeup job. Its a gorgeous colour so i thought i would show you all what its like

Colour and Pigmentation

The lipstick i have is called Goddess which is a pink nude tone which i find looks really great on a number of skin tones from Light to Medium it might be a bit too light for deeper skin tones. Goddess really packs a punch in terms of pigmentation as its not totally opaque but its that “you lips but better” shade which i really like, it also has a really nice texture i find a lot of pigmented lipsticks sometimes tend to be drying but this is really soft and comfortable to wear i find it does make the lips look plump that will because it contains treatment spheres filled with lip-plumping folic and ultra moisturising hyaluronic acid to stop the horrible dry lips look.

Wear Time

I find with a lot of Daniel Sandler makeup items they last a long time and the Luxury Lipsticks are no different you can easily get 6+ hours of wear out of this lipstick i used it on a makeup job a while ago and it lasted the whole time i only needed to touch it up slightly after about 4 hours but for a lipstick that’s pretty good


The packaging is really sleek but its just your average lipstick bullet but this one is metal so it feels sturdy and feels like a lot of thought went into the packaging to make it.

Edit- Daniel Sandler told me that something which i never even noticed but im glad he pointed it out “The tip is contoured to help with even application. No other Lipstick is shaped that way”

Price and Where to Buy

You can purchase the Luxury Lipsticks from or from Love Makeup, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and Esscentual etc. The lipstick is £13.25 which is pretty good considering a MAC lipstick £15

The Good and The Bad
The Good?– I love the Texture and the colour of Goddess
The Bad?- I would have liked to see a larger range in colours

What are your favourite lipsticks?
Have you tried Daniel Sandler Cosmetics?
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