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Deborah Milano Lip Pencils

16th July 2013 in Uncategorised - 12 Comments - 2 min read

Hey Beauties!
How amazing is all this sun! its been seriously so hot haha.
I was contacted a while ago by the people at Deborah Milano a new brand coming to the UK which is quite big in Italy, They sent me a few of their lip liners to try out and i thought i’d tell you how i got on with them.

Colour and Pigmentation

The Deborah Milano Lip Pencils are quite pigmented some of them might take a few times to get some colour but i think its because the “LipLiner” range is such a hard matte formula, The “24ORE” formula is really soft and blendable they are of a more satin shine finish these have more pigment than the Matte version, then we have the “Extra Lip Pencil” formula this is a long lasting formula as you can tell from the name the colour is supposed to be waterproof but i did find they came off a little when eating and drinking but did last quite long when you didn’t eat or drink, one thing that did get me was these are plastic based so you need a good sharpener to sharpen them

Wear Time

The wear time of each of the different formulas differ i think the “Extra Lip Pencils” last the longest as they have the long lasting formula then we have the “24ORE” pencils which pack a lot of colour and last quite long as well i got about 4+ hours wear from it and for a lip product i think thats pretty good then lastly we have the “LipLiner” formula which for me feels and looks a big drying when applied and tend to wear off after a while leaving a ring of colour


The packaging is basically the same as every other lip liner just an average pencil that needs sharpening but the plastic pencils are a bit weird to me as ive never used that type of pencil you can sharpen before

Price and Where to Buy

You can buy the Deborah Milano Lip Pencils from “LipLiner” is £4.90, the “24ORE” is £5.50 and the “Extra Lip Pencil” is £6.50

The Good and The Bad

The Good?- The “24ORE” apply really well and have great pigment
The Bad?– I wish some of them were a bit softer and applied easier
Have you tried anything from Deborah Milano?
What do you think Lip Liners should be like?
Leave a comment!
I’m happy to answer any and all questions.
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