Diva Professional Instant Heat Session Tong Review

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Since i started doing Hair ive loved finding out new products and new appliances for styling hair, a while ago i was sent the Session Tong to try out and apart from burning myself a few times ive had fun trying it out

The Session Tong heats up to temperatures of 230 degrees which i don’t think you will ever need it that high but its good it goes that high. Its made of Nano-Diamond technology which is super hard and sturdy and the appliance heats up super fast, i think when i use it it takes less than a minute to heat up with is really great.
In the box you get your tong, a heat protective glove that i don’t use it as its a bit small for my hands it also comes with a heat protectant silicone mat to protect against heat damage

I think one really great feature of this tong is it has a display where you can see the set temperature that you can change and also it has the actual temperature so you can see its heating up or cooling down right in front of you. It was has a temperature memory so it remembers the temperature you used the last time it was switched on

I quite like these kinds of tongs because they can create a variety of different looks depending on how you use it, I have to admit i do prefer the one with the clip because i don’t burn myself as much but thats just me im rather clumsy.

I did these looks below to show how versatile the tong is, you can either use it to give the hair beachy waves by twisting the hair as you wrap it around the tong having the tong facing down to create almost spirals or you can use it as you could use a tong curling away from the face wrapping the hair flat across the barrel

For the first look i just randomly curled sections in no real order just to give it a more natural curled feel to it and the second i just took the hair that i had curled and pinned it up in a sort of curly bun

I think this tong is a great idea for those who want fast styling without the trouble of using the clip with your average curling tong because when you’re on set and doing hair you do have to be a little bit speedy.

You can purchase the Diva Professional Instant Heat Session Tong from Divapro.co.uk for £79.99 or you can get the same tong from Salon Services (Sallys) for £49.98 so you are saving £30 which is a pretty big saving

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Skincare blog covering everything from reviews, tutorials to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends.