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There has been always so much hype around the Clarisonic everyone always talks about them as being a fantastic little gadget for cleansing and for me i didn’t particularly see it i didn’t want to shell out for something that might not even work well for me, i admit i was wrong! This thing is so good i think this is one of those things now i have i dont think i could do without.
The Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution is sold as a set but the different items in this set can be bought by themselves, for this post i am showing you the kit containing the all important Clarisonic Mia2 which comes with the Deep Pore Cleansing Head which again can be bought separately and fits on all of the Clarisonics so you dont need to buy a new one. It works to help give the skin a really deep cleanse but feels really gentle at the same time, all i aid of helping shrink and clean pores, i find this head to be fine on my skin so long as you dont scrub as they you could find it a little irritating but in all the cleaning head is really soft.
The Clarisonic Mia2 has a few more features than the original Mia it has a 2 speed setting, one lower one higher and also has this cool little feature called T-Timer which basically makes sure you spend the right amount time cleansing your face which is so cool! (20 Seconds on the forehead, 10 Seconds on each cheek and then 20 Seconds on the nose and chin)
Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Attachment 


What i think is really cool about the Clarisonic Mia2 is this is a fully waterproof product so it can be used on water with no fear of harming you in anyway but what really got my geek side going was the fact this has no charger port it is charged by using the pLink which is which magnetically attaches to the Mia handle. A fully charged Mia gives 20 minutes of use, so i find that gives you quite a good few cleanses so you will rarely have to charge it.
pLink Charger
Then we have the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser which is a foaming gel cleanser that is applied to the brush with water instead of to the face i think mostly because this foams up so much that it would be messy and go everywhere if you applied to your face and the Decongesting Clay Mask which i used for the first time last week i thought it was pretty good but i already had a mask from Murad so this has kind of taken a back seat in my routine

The idea behind this is its fantastic for those of you who have large pores or those of you with oily/combo skin as it helps to remove excess sebum in the skin. I feel like the clarisonic has made a difference on my skin, everyone always talks about how its hell to start using a clarisonic because it causes breakouts for the first few weeks, i will agree i find i have had a few more spots than usual but the time they have taken to go away has been so fast you hardly notice them. I think the idea of the Clarisonic causing spots come from people not washing their brushes enough as if you’re cleaning your spots you’re dragging the bacteria across your face and if you’re pores are open its pretty obvious what’s going to happen.
The Deep Pore Decongesting Solution also makes great prep for shaving as clinical research has found that when used in conjunction to your normal shaving routine, the Clarisonic can provide a closer more comfortable and can reduce the incidence of razor burn and rashes.
If you already have a Clarisonic but you are interested in it, you can find the Deep Pore Set (£55) at Debenhams which contains just the Brush Head, the Daily Cleanser and the Decongesting Clay Mask so you dont have to spend money on another Clarisonic. If you want to buy the whole Deep Pore Decongesting Solution* (£140) set you can find it in either Selfridges or from the Clarisonic website
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Skincare blog covering everything from reviews, tutorials to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends.