OSIS+ Blow & Go Smooth Review

OSIS+ Blow & Go Smooth
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You all know how much a product junkie i am so when i had the chance to try this blow dry spray i couldn’t say no to it.
OSIS+ Blow & Go Smooth is a blow drying spray which reduces the time you spend blow drying your hair and also helps to reduce fizz to give you a really smooth finish. This would be perfect for those of you that have really unruly hair because it gives that “ive just used straighteners look even though you haven’t.

OSIS+ Blow & Go Smooth

I really like that it doesn’t have a sticky formula a lot of the time these kinds of products are quite sticky but then again it doesn’t have much hold seeing as its just for smoothing. I feel like when you’ve finished your blow dry you can still run your fingers through your hair as it doesn’t feel like there is any product in it at all.
The next thing, the spray pump isn’t something you would usually consider a factor at all but i think its a great thing as it sprays an even distribution of product over the hair in a fine mist. I’ve used some sprays because and they have been like a stream or they just coat one part of the hair in too much product but the OSIS+ Blow & Go Smooth gives the perfect application.
Scent can be quite a big factor in the purchasing of a product for me this product smells quite nice but does have a alcohol smell if you do use too much of it seeing as one of the first ingredients is Alcohol 
OSIS+ Blow & Go Smooth
Usually i would spray down the lengths of the hair working in manageable sections around the head making sure to get every part of the hair once i did that i would brush through the hair to make sure the product is even distributed through the lengths and ends. A round brush would work best for this type of product as your trying to smooth out the hair. Once you’re finish if you find you do still need to straighten go right ahead but if you’ve done a good blow dry you shouldn’t need to straighten.
If you are interested in the OSIS+ Blow & Go Smooth, Professionals can buy it at Capital Hair and Beauty for £6.85 ex VAT but if you are a non-professional you can find this on beautybay.com for £8.58. 
What are you favourite blow drying products?
Have you used OSIS+ before?
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Skincare blog covering everything from reviews, tutorials to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends.