Hairs The Scoop: What is The Lob? (Long Bob)

Hairs The Scoop: What is The Lob? (Long Bob)7

Hey Beauties!

How are you all enjoying your summer? Has it been good for you in Scotland its sort of over already

Today i was going to do a new type of post, do you like the name? Hairs The Scoop it sort of feel a collective sigh of a bad joke/pun haha.

What is The Lob? Basically a Long Bob which become really popular in 2015 mostly towards the summer. I personally think its a fantastic cut its such a change from what we are used to in previous years where people always wanted their hair to be really long and full. I think a lot of worry comes when people dont know how awesome this cut can be and the different ways you can wear and style this cut.
Hairs The Scoop: The Lob (Long Bob)

First off i have put together a few product that i like using when working with a Lob or a Long Bob, above you can Redken Guts 10, Oribe Hairspray, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, Wella Reflections Oil and Osmo Shaper Maker.

You can do a lot of different styles with this type of hair firstly you can create volume in your hair and have it big and full.

Hairs The Scoop: The Lob (Long Bob)

Here you can see Miley Cyrus her hair has lots of movement and volume the perfect product for this would be the Redken Guts 10 as it sprayed into the roots to give the hair flexible fullness but can only be used in wet hair and has to be blow dried in. You could also use the Oribe Hairspray for hold and a bit of Structure Dust for Height.

Hairs The Scoop: The Lob (Long Bob)

As you can see above with Elizabeth Olsen has quite curly beachy hair for this type of style you could curl the hair softly then use the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray in dry hair and spray as you scrunch the hair this will give the hair a beachy sort of lived in style you see above.

Hairs The Scoop: The Lob (Long Bob)

Next we have the awesome Emma Stone that rocks the straight Lob. This style can be achieved by again by using some Redken Guts 10 just to give the hair a little bit of movement but not to much then when you have blow dried the hair, you could straighten it using the L’Oreal Constructor Spray which is a heat protectant but also a thermoactive spray that helps to straighten hair when heat is applied once straightened you dont feel any product

Hairs The Scoop: The Lob (Long Bob)

 Here we have the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson rocking a messy Lob i really love this type of hair because i have a little trick that i learnt from a hair tutor a few years back and that was to take a little bit of something like OSMO Shaper Maker get the person to flip their hair upside down and scrunch the hair and release making sure not to rub as you will cause the hair to become frizzy which is never good, make sure to only use a little bit of product as you dont want to clog your hair with product

As i said i love this look and think everyone should try it at least once in their life. A few months back i had the honor in cutting off all of Eloises ( hair she had really long hair all the way down her back and it was cut into a long bob which suited her.

Hairs The Scoop: The Lob (Long Bob)

What do you think of the Lob?
Do you think you’ll try it?
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