OSMO Product Revamp!

OSMO Product Revamp!
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Don’t you just love it when a brand you like changes for the better? For me its the OSMO Product Revamp, I don’t know if its just the packaging that has changed but i feel like some of my favourite OSMO products now work better than they did before. 

What you see is the Revamped OSMO range* for its 15th Anniversary. The products you love are the still maybe even a bit better but there are also 7 new products for you to try!

Below you can see the new packaging compared to the old packaging, what i like best about this revamp is the it seems to have made the products more attractive. I found that before the products were a bit boring they didn’t really look that appealing to me but now with the new packaging they look amazing, they look like something you would want to try and would want to buy it makes them look “expensive” in the best way.
OSMO Clay Wax
Left- New Packaging and Right- Old Packaging
Both are the same product but just in different packaging and to me it just looks a lot better. The packaging just offers more information on what the product is and what it does. I think the bottom line is it just looks more desirable. 
OSMO 15th Anniversary
Above we have Pomade Hold (£7.49) which is a high shine modern pomade made with beeswax to sculpt and style for incredible hold, Shaper Maker (£8.99), a versatile cream shaper for controlled moulding and styling, Aqua Wax (£8.99), water soluble hard wax for incredible shine and hold (I think Aqua Wax is the only product to change its colour as it was a purple colour before and now its blue but feel free to correct me if im wrong) and lastly we have Fibre Sculpt (£8.99) which is a lightweight fibrous sculptor for flexible definition and enviable hold. 
Below is Fibre Paste (£8.99) which is a fibre based gum texturiser for volume, control and shine then we have the Clay Wax (£8.99) which is a clay based styler for textured matte control.
OSMO Product Revamp
The last 2 products i have to show aren’t really favourites of mine because of how high the hold is but if you’re someone who loves really hard styles like Liberty Spikes or Mohawks then these are the products for you, Resin Extreme Glue (£8.99) is an extra firm hold styler and the same goes for the Extreme Gel Spray (£8.99)
OSMO Resin Extreme Glue

Overall i think this is a great move for OSMO, the products have never looked better. I think mainly why im so happy with this is because now the packaging matches how good the products are. Before i feel like they were a little underestimated whereas now they look the part and i hope more people will give OSMO a go
You can find OSMO at osmo.uk.com

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