Top 5 Favourite Sea Salt Sprays

Top 5 Favourite Sea Salt Sprays

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How are you enjoying your summer? I think in Scotland our summer is over, its been really cloudy lately but I guess we should just be happy its not raining.

Since its summer time of holidays, music festival and sun, for some its all about the outfit and looking good so I thought I would do a post on my favourite sea salt sprays and give you some tips on how to use them all.

 Top 5 Favourite Sea Salt Sprays

First off we have the OSIS+ Session Label Sea Salt Spray (£8.50), I like this one a little more than the others because its a really Matte sea salt spray so when you spray it in your hair there is no shine or anything like that. You can use this sea salt spray in either wet or dry hair, When using in wet hair towel dry it and the spray into sections of your hair twisting parts and leaving to dry this will give you a really wavy beachy texture. When using dry just spray straight into the hair and scrunch as you go this will make the hair really textured and full.

OSIS+ Session Label Sea Salt Spray

Then we have the Nanogen Root Boost (£9.99) which i found maybe wasnt the best “sea salt spray” even thought this product does contain salt i dont think it did such a good job giving beachy hair but its a really good spray that will give you a lot of volume in your hair because it expands the shaft of your hair lifting each root. What i really do like about this is that when you use these types of sprays they can feel a bit sticky but when using this with your blow drier it feels as if there isnt any product in the hair but its still looks really voluminous.

Nanogen Root Boost

KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray (£14) is another one of my favourites simply because it smells amazing and its a matte texture this one works perfectly with curly hair without making the hair look frizzy. This one says it can only be used in wet hair and i kind of have to agree because when putting it in dry hair i found it did leave the hair kind of sticky. When used in wet hair you just have to scrunch the hair and keep scrunch until you have the texture you desire you can leave it to air dry for a tousled texture or you can blow dry it for a fullness.

KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

Now this one is my favourite of the favourites and its the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (£21.50) this is probably one of the easiest and most versatile of the above as its a salt infused styling spray with a light hold for matte texture and fullness. It adds body to fine hair and is great for lift at the roots and and gives a salty, sultry beachy texture. All you need do to use it is either scrunch into dry or towel dried hair (a little tip using Grooming Creme will help it adhere to the hair)

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Sachajuan Ocean Mist (£18) is one of the coolest looking ones, i mean come on its bright blue. This sea salt spray is more of a subtle look its a lot like the Surf Spray but has less of a hold. When i used it it seems like an everyday version of Surf Spray if that makes sense, I find as well that a lot of other sprays will add texture and beachyness but the Sachajuan Ocean Mist actually does something to the hair that makes wave rather than just give texture which i really like.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

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