Scalp Tonic Review Scalp Tonic Review
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How are you all doing today? As you may or may not know today is National Male Grooming Day. I’m all for male grooming because i think men deserve to feel and look good just as women do these days in 2015 its more socially acceptable for a guy to be interested in his appearance, yes there are still some backwards men out there who think Skincare and Haircare is for women and they might be seen as “gay” but i say to them open your eyes and broaden your mind because the world is changing for the better and as ive said a million times before it’s ok to be a man and pamper yourself, more power to you! Scalp Tonic Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog
I thought since it’s National Male Grooming Day we should talk about a new product that was recently launched by label.m. Scalp Tonic is a contemporary solution that’s all about the powerful dual maintenance of skin and hair health with specific performance benefits, it’s been developed as a soothing, vitamin and mineral-fuelled pre-styling treatment to soothe and stimulate the scalp.
You will find something different about this product compared to the other products as this is a part of their new range called

Scalp Tonic is a fantastic product that i have been using for a while now and i’m really enjoying using it as it’s really easy to use. I just apply it after i have showered when i’m getting ready to dry my hair, all you have to do is use a few drops, rub between your hands then into your hair whilst massaging the scalp. Scalp Tonic Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog
Whenever i use Scalp Tonic i can always feel like it’s working as i have quite a dry scalp and the first time i used it i applied it as said in the directions and it didn’t feel like much right away but as i was drying my hair and styling into the shape i wanted i noticed a few things: my hair looked shiner so that means it looked healthier, it was easier to get volume without having to work at it as much, my scalp felt softer it felt like skin rather than feeling tight and hard.
In my opinion Scalp Tonic can used by anyone even women if they wanted too, it does have quite a masculine scent but once you’ve finished blow drying and you’ve gone about your getting ready routine the scent seems to dissipate Scalp Tonic Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog
Once you have used Scalp Tonic for a while you will notice a few benefits such as:
  • MOISTURE BOOST AS IT REPLENISHES AND HYDRATES– works to promote elasticity and softness with the added plus of strengthening. Panthenol (Vitamin B5) – the ‘moisture-trap’ humectant to prevent breakage.
  • STOPS HAIR AGEING IN ITS TRACKS WITH THE POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH- Utilising the powerful effects of anti-oxidant French Oak, not only do guys get protection against external factors, but it helps to slow the process of hair ageing. Additionally, Betafin – taken from the Sugar Beet Plant is a potent anti-wrinkle preventative agent, blended with ACB Bio-Chelate 5PF to encourage healthier hair growth.
  • KEEP CALM AND SOOTHE YOUR WAY NO IRRITATION OR INFLAMMATION– With added Vitamin C, Scalp Tonic also helps to delay the response to external stress factors that can affect areas on the scalp – i.e. itching, flaking etc
  • MAX THE VOLUME TO INCREASE THE DENSITY- ‘Watch it swell’ with our favourite Vitamin B5 – a ‘natural born’ volumiser that works to expand each and every hair strand by up to 10%!
  • BE A NATURAL AND SHINE ON!- Well we can’t get enough of Panthenol’s multi-benefit action as it also works by providing a protective shield over the hair to reflect light and give off shine with a glossy finish. It even controls those pesky flyaways Scalp Tonic Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog
I had used Scalp Tonic where when i went to the Iolla Event
All in all i think Scalp Tonic is a great idea and a product im going to be using quite a lot because you all know how much i love volume and big hair!
You can find Scalp Tonic (£10.50*) in all label.m concept salons, Toni&Guy and Essensuals salons nationwide, as well as online at
Have you tried the range?
What do you think of Scalp Tonic? 
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  1. Looks like a great product, albeit a little pricey! Fantastice piece of review too, keep it up!

    Oliver //

  2. Looks like a great product, albeit a little pricey! Fantastice piece of review too, keep it up!

    Oliver //

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