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Summer is some people’s favourite time of the year and there are a few things that can make your summer a little better. Im going to show you below some of the Summer Essentials* i think you need for summer!
Lynx Black

First essential i think everyone needs is the Lynx Black range if you haven’t seen my post on the range that i did before click here
In the range you have everything you need from the Deodorant body spray, Shampoo, Body Wash and Hair Clay
My favourite has to be the Lynx Black Casual Clay which smells exactly like the other products which is weird for a hair product but i love it because it makes your hair smell great. When using it you wont need a lot of product just a little bit on the tips of your fingers rub your hands together to warm up the product and apply. The Clay has a matte finish but its not a drying matte but more of a reworkable matte finish which i love!.

Ted Baker Bag

Everyone needs a bag to carry everything you need and i absolutely love this bag by Ted Baker its perfect for looking good and feeling good.
I am a big fan of messenger bags so for me this is great because i think they look really stylish compared to your average backpack.

Monster PowerCard
This is the Monster PowerCard which is actually phone charger, probably one of my favourite summer essentials because we all need to charge our phones when we are out, you could even charge your camera if it charges by USB. Im really impressed with this because its the size of a credit card but has so much power i can see why its called Monster
Sony Coolpix DSC-HX60V
As i said above the PowerCard can even charge your camera which is perfect if you have the Sony Coolpix DSC-HX60V a fantastic 20 megapixel camera perfect for capturing those summer moments you want to keep it also has full HD video recording and my favourite feature is the wifi it comes with so that you can send your pictures from the camera to your smartphone, its perfect for instagram!
Finlay & Co Carnaby Aqua Sunglasses
Sunglasses are so important in the summer but everyone wants to look good and i love these sunglasses from Finlay & Co they are the Carnaby Aqua and they look so cool! i love how they are wooden theres just something about them that feels that great quality not to mention they are polarized so offer better protection for your eyes against UV Rays
Starter Black Label Snapback
Snapbacks arnt something i would generally wear simply because im not big on hats but if i was to wear one then this snapback by Starter Black Label would be it just because it looks so awesome and its leather so win win
Sennheiser Urbanite XL Headphones
These headphones by Sennheiser are the Urbanite XL and are really cool when i first tried them out i was so surprised at how good the quality of sound was  and the fact that they block out all outside sounds as well so you dont have to worry about hearing others over your music. They also come with a control like the iPhone headphones do and works perfectly with any iPhone
G-Shock Watch
Last but by no means the least is the G-Shock watch i don’t really know what to say about this apart from its a cool looking watch and looks very robust
I thought i would mention something pretty cool it is linked with Lynx and its called Vantablack anyone who knows me will know im a massive geek, The blackest material known to man, Vantablack has been applied to a Lynx Black can – for the first time and it will be available for public viewing for a limited period. The material is so dark it confounds the human eye, and is the closest most people will ever get to staring into a black hole.
Lynx commissioned the ground-breaking project with Vantablack developers, Surrey Nanosystems, to create the world’s blackest consumer product by coating the iconic Lynx can with Vantablack material, creating a truly unique experience for those viewing it.
The Lynx Vantablack can is so dark that it removes all texture from its surface. Those staring at the material will experience greatly reduced perceptions of depth with virtually no reflection as all shape and contours are lost. Creating an odd sensation, people say they find hard to comprehend what they are looking at when gazing into the Lynx Vantablack can.David Titman, Lynx Marketing Manager, said: “To be the world’s first consumer product wrapped in this material is really exciting. This is the most innovative project we have ever worked on – the material was an obvious fit for our new product range, Lynx Black, understated and slick, whilst pushing the barriers of science and technology and giving people a truly unique opportunity to view it’.

Ben Jensen, Chief Technology Officer at Surrey Nanoystems, said: “This is a ground-breaking moment for Vantablack as it’s the first time we’ve created a product for consumer viewing, by coating a Lynx can with the blackest material known to man. We’re thrilled to be able to give people the chance to experience the can and it’s unique “black hole” like qualities.

The Lynx Vantablack can is now on display for people to experience at the Lynx Black Space, on Dray Walk in Shoreditch. Black Space is open until 2nd August (11-12 Dray Walk E1 6QL).


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Skincare blog covering everything from reviews, tutorials to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends.