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The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser Review

The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser Review
Hey Beauties!
If you’re a long time reader of  Beauty and The Boy you will know that i’m not into giving bad reviews and i dont like saying this is a bad product because who i am to tell you whats bad or not because for all i know what i dont like you might like it so i try not to do that but today i think its kind of needed because there is a brand out there that i really do not agree with. Ive got nothing against The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser itself just the way the brand is marketed.
The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog


The Bluebeard Revenge is of course marketed toward “Real Men” as a part of a male grooming range containing everything from shaving creams to face washes and even razors. The products themselves are all high quality but the thing that gets me the most is the almost demeaning marketing against women and anything that is seen as not a “Real Man”. The whole brand’s advertising just seems to be one big massive NO HOMO! as if you’re not a woman and you’re not feminine for using these products if you were to read the blurb on the back of the box you would hopefully understand where i was coming from.
The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog
It is just proof that masculinity is intrinsically weak and fragile because they need to butch up their products so men won’t feel emasculated by using them. You can clearly see it’s marketed to straight men with the constant reference to how women will think of you and how it’s not for the “bum fluff brigade”, they bascially resort to sexism and misogyny to make it ok for men to use these products and yes the brand says its “a joke” but this really isn’t a joke it’s not light hearted and it’s not a joke when it’s at the expense of other people.
When you read the above you just think are we really still stuck in the times where men are still so afraid to show any sense of femininity because it’s deemed to be weak or gay.
The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog
On to talking about the product itself, its actually a pretty good moisturiser i used it for a few weeks every day and after shaving as well on the days that i did and there is a definite cooling and soothing effect from it.
Its quite a gel type texture its hard to describe its always between a gel and cream texture that i actually quite like because it did sink it pretty fast and left my skin feel sufficiently moisturised thought the day
The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog
I really like the fact its has a dispenser that you just press down and it gives you an allocated amount of product which i think is great because sometimes you never really know how much to use and its great in the sense of the product is bascially locked away from bacteria so there is no dipping fingers in pots but i think the only thing i didn’t really enjoy was its really heavily fragranced with a very masculine scent so if you’re someone who has sensitive skin and reacts against fragranced products maybe this isn’t for you
The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser Review | Beauty and The Boy - Scottish Beauty Blog
You make a decision for yourself on what you think of this brand but i for one dont support them and wont spend any money on their products not matter how good they are
You can The Bluebeard Revenge Cooling Moisturiser online for £9.99 at
What is your take on their branding?
Do you agree with the way is marketed?
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