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Fab Brows Brow Kit Review

18th September 2015 in Brows, Makeup, Male Grooming, Male Makeup - 16 Comments - 3 min read
Fab Brows Brow Kit Review

Hey Beauties!

I think brows are generally the most misunderstood part of your face as for some people they might not know how much your eyebrows can change your face as a whole. Good brows can take years of you it’s hard to believe but it’s almost like an instant face lift when you have properly groomed brows. Women and some Men are generally okay with grooming brows yes some might over pluck and some might create giant caterpillars but they are still doing something with them. If you aren’t doing anything with your brows then start it’s pretty easy to keep up with just find a good reputable salon where you can either get your brows waxed, threaded, tweezed etc you wont believe how much a good brow can change your face until your see it.
All of the above goes for Men as well because brows can even make a difference to a male face no one wants a man with big bushy unruly brows, get them tamed and under control.

Fab Brows Brow Kit Review
The Fab Brows Brow Kit is a product ive found that helps to give you those brows you always wanted, it’s simple to use and really foolproof. The Brow Kit comes with 6 eyebrow stencils each a different shape they are used when you want to map out your brow its also good for those of you out there who want a really strong and defined brow just make sure to pick the right stencil for your brow shape.


Fab Brows Brow Kit Review
I got the colour Light Brown which is quite ashy i love that for brow colour because i find a lot of brow powders tend to have a sort of red tinge to them which always make brows look flat and fake. Light Brown seems to work with a lot of hair colours from blonde right up to a medium brown which is always good to have a versatile product but if this doesn’t match your hair there are always 4 other shades to choose from.
The Brow Kit powder is supposed to be waterproof im not to sure how much it holds up to that but i have found that it does stay put through out most of the day and i have an oiler t-zone so makeup tends to break down there but this seemed to just stay where it was put with no bother. Since this product is waterproof it makes it the perfect companion for going to the gym with or when your out at night dancing away your makeup wont be slipping off
Fab Brows Brow Kit Review
If im honest im not to keen on the brush but then again when are the brushes in these kits ever that good apart from the Urban Decay Naked Palettes of course. The brush just seems a bit flimsy and it isn’t packed as well as it could be on the left side and on the angled side i think the brush is to wide and theres no straight line to it so its not that good for creating lines
Overall its a really nice kit and really worth the money considering how long it lasts, how durable it is and how non descript it is usually i wouldn’t like that but this would be a fantastic product for men as well because its a simple product and simple packaging that work well to deliver good results
You can find the Fab Brows Brow Kit at for £20*
What is your favourite brow product?
Have you tried Fab Brows before?
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