Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar Review

Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar Review
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So in all honestly i had no idea shampoo bars were even a thing until i saw them in Lush at the launch of the Buchanan Street Store last year. As i said i hadnt heard about these at all but now a year on i do feel myself going back to them a few times i wouldnt say im a total convert but it do love the Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar in particular. 
This Shampoo Bar is called Ultimate Shine, which is a big claim but to my surprise it does seem to make your hair really shiny and luscious which is always a good thing because who doesn’t want good hair! Ultimate Shine contains Elemi oil which is the wonder ingredient. It’s good for the scalp because it keeps it balanced and in great condition. Ylang ylang helps to form a beautiful scent and also has a double duty rebalancing the scalp and lifting your mood. Floral violet leaf oil helps to keep away any microbes, leaving you with a clean and cared for head.

As you can see it’s full of great ingredients that are going to help your hair to look and feel great. Since using this i have definitely felt a difference in my hair it’s a lot softer and shiner basically it just looks a lot healthier than it did before.
Ultimate Shine is really easy to use all you need to do is run it under the water then rub between your hands and then into your hair it will start to foam up and once you have covered your hair put the bar down and just work the shampoo into the hair giving it a great clean and rinse, if you need to just repeat and then follow up with your favourite conditioner.
A little tip i would give with using these would be leave them to dry out on a tissue or something because if you put a wet shampoo bar back into its case or a wrapper then it’s going to get stuck to it once it dries (made that mistake with Jason and the Argan Oil and lost half of my shampoo bar)
If you want to keep your shampoo bar all safe and dry that way they will last longer it’s also a great way to travel with them if you need to. You could always buy one of the tins for the bar these are only £2.50 so they are really cheap.
Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar Review

If you are interested in trying these Shampoo Bars you can get them from any Lush store and you can purchase them online as well here. The Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar contains around 55g of product for £5.50 so you are getting your money’s worth and will last longer than any shampoo you are using just now i have found that these bars last for at least a few months, I have gotten about 70-80? washes out of one bar 
Have you tried the shampoo bars before?
What’s your favourite one?
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