H2D Magicurl x3 Curling Wand Review

H2D Magicurl x3 Curling Wand Review
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Today i have something rather exciting to share with you, the H2D Magicurl x3 Curling Wand. Now if you didnt know im a massive geek for all things gadgety and this is one of those things. So when it arrived it was like i was in gadget heaven.
The H2D Magicurl x3 Curling Wand comes with 3 different wands a small, medium and large barrel that can fixed to one wand.

H2D Magicurl x3 Curling Wand
I know this technology is nothing new but its the first of its kind that i have personally seen being marketed as “Professional” usually when you see these types of curling wands its reminiscent of those really cheap and nasty curling wands you get for £10 that will mostly melt your hair off the first time you use them but this really impressed me because its nothing like that at all. I’m a big fan of the Diva Pro Wands and Tongs but they can be rather expensive at £40+ for the largest tong and not forgetting if you’re a professional you are going to need more than 1 size so it all adds up
H2D Magicurl x3 Curling Wand
This set comes with 3 wands of different sizes all made from Tourmaline which is usually found in semi-precious gemstones. The polished tourmaline-infused surface results in curls and waves simply falling off the wand. Tourmaline also generates negatively charged ion particles which seal the cuticle, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and provide a silky ‘just conditioned’ feel.

I also love that fact that this wand is kinder to the hair as well because of the Far Infrared Technology which gently heats the hair from the inside out, curling quickly and safely

H2D Magicurl x3 Curling Wand Review
The one thing that i noticed more than anything else was how light the wand was, we all know that holding up anything from a dryer to a curling wand can get a little heavy after about 10 minutes of holding it up. This wand is so light that when i first picked it up i could actually feel how much lighter it was compared to the other wands that i had used.
H2D Magicurl x3 Curling Wand Review
This is the one i find myself using the most its larger than your regular 1 inch wand i would say it was around maybe an inch an a half so it creates really big waves with a lot of curl and body which is really in right now.

I did this really curly full of body hair style last week by pinning each section up into a barrel curl to let it cool down before removing the clips and dressing it out. If you ever have problems with your curls dropping its either because you didn’t let them cool down and set before touching them or depending on your hair type you maybe used the wrong product for your hair or didn’t prep your hair at all for curling


This is how the curls turned out once i had finished dressing them out and applying a bit of  hairspray to the ends to give texture and definition

If you are interested in this amazing little set you can find them over on h2d.co.uk for £119* with free UK shipping. Although the price might be a bit high just think about what your getting in comparison to say something like the ghd wands which are around the same price for only 1 wand whereas with H2D you are getting 3 wands for the same price!


What do you think of the H2D Magicurl?
What size of wand would you use most?
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