Going from Brown to Bright at Belle and Blackley

Going from Brown to Bright - My Hair Journey
Hey Beauties!
How are we all today? its a day closer to Christmas only 13 days to go! Is everyone excited? Today i wanted to talk about something drastic that i did recently, i completely changed my hair colour from a boring brown to a hair colour that reminds me of the waves in the sea all done by the amazing people at Belle and Blackley.
Going from Brown to Bright - My Hair Journey

My original hair colour as you’ll know was a light brown colour so it wasn’t that hard for me to get to a really bright colour as my hair was already light. I got my hair done by the amazing people at Belle and Belle and Blackley, Julie did such an amazing job on my hair ive never been this happy with a colour this bright

Belle and Blackley Glasgow


Belle and Blackley Glasgow
Going from Brown to Bright - My Hair Journey

First off we had to lighten up my hair because if you want really bright and vibrant colours unless your hair is blonde you won’t be able to reach the level of brightness that you want. Julie used a low strength of lightener because my hair was already quite light and tends to lift really easily. After the lightener was left on my hair until it pulled up to a pale yellow shade it was washed off and cleansed and then the next step was to add the Elumen Prep to my hair to get it ready for the colour.

Goldwell Elumen


Goldwell Elumen


For the bright colour Julie used Elumen by Goldwell which is a permanent colour that works on hair from Level 3 (Dark Brown) to Level 10 (Lightest Blonde) By using Elumen i won’t have to worry about my colour fading, the blue will stay super bright until its either taken out with Elumen Return or until it’s cut out. The next step my favorite part was to add the Elumen Prep to my hair to get it ready for the colour. Julie used the colours [email protected] on my roots and [email protected] on the ends the idea was to create that dark root look with it fading a really bright turquoise.
Goldwell Elumen


Belle and Blackley
As you can see above i think it turned out really well the blue was so bright and the best thing about it was there was absolutely no skin staining! If anyone is thinking about going a bright colour i would totally suggest going to Belle and Blackley and asking for Elumen to be used from my experience i dont think ill ever go back to anything else again. I absolutely love Belle and Blackley because everyone is so friendly and they are a lot of fun to be around which is what you sometimes need in these types of environment because changing your hair so drastically can be quite daunting.
Going from Brown to Bright - My Hair Journey

Its been about 3 weeks now since ive had this done and ive had no fading at all its as bright as the day i got it down which is pretty amazing because you’ll know if you get your hair done this bright usually it fades away or even fades into a different colour entirely.

I think its really important to also take care of your hair more so when its like this because its been bleached up and colour so your hair will be impaired and not as healthy as it was before so there are a few products i use to help return my hair to what it was before.

Going from Brown to Bright - My Hair Journey

I use a number of different things from shampoos to styling products. First of all you’re going to have to look for either a colour safe shampoo and conditioner or one with no sulphates also don’t use any clarifying shampoos as they will strip your colour from your hair which is not good. I use the Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo and Moisture Therapy Conditioner, both will help to repair the hair and give it back the moisture lightened hair usually lacks. It really depends on how I feel I will either use my beloved mask from Ojon, which has never let me down before or a new addition to my routine which is the Olaplex No3 Mask which is said to deliver amazing results if only used it once so far so I can really say anything about it but it does seem to leave my hair feeling better. Finally, I use the label. m Protein Spray which is basically hair food this again helps to repair the hair, giving it all the nutrients it needs, its also really good for evening out the porosity of your hair.

If you want to find out more about Belle and Blackley you can find them on facebook 

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  1. Yep, still love it 🙂 and really glad you posted about the process too, it was so interesting to read!

    I haven’t done a dramatic colour change yet – my hair is so dark that, as you say, it’s not something I get to do without a professional lightening treatment. But I’ve done dramatic cuts, like the time I went in with shoulder-length hair and left with an asymmetric bob (totally shaved at one side! my mum freaked out!).


  2. I so want to go to a salon and get mine done. My Mum is a hairdresser but I want to have a fresh pair of eyes and go for some gradient. My stays pretty much the same colour and my hair is so porous and stains, so any semi-perminant shade is practically permanent. I want something new but don’t know what! This looks fab on ya x

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