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You know all how much i love Christmas and if you dont know….well im like a child at Christmas there’s nothing like it! I recently found out about this awesome brand called Harlem Carter and found something that i thought would make the best stocking filler, mind you this is a luxury item its by no means needed but it would be nice to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Meet the Ti Up by Harlem Carter, an ingenious idea i might say simply because its something we all do from time to time and they decided why not make something of it. As you can see the Ti Up is a 24kt gold cuff that comes with a black silk elasticated hair tie around it. Everyone i have spoken to and showed the Ti Up has loved it and thought it was such a smart idea, its something so simple yet its really useful as we all use them from time to time.

The Ti Up is described as:
“An item which has already become a huge “hair must have” in Beverly Hills and London, this beautiful concept from daughter to mother, for all of the hours spent brushing hair and having hair ties adorn her wrists, we feel that the Harlem Carter Ti Up, can very easily become an heirloom piece which can be bough for both mother and daughter for all of their luxury hair needs and a classic piece of jewellery combined.”
To me it bridges that line between usefulness and fashionable, its something for those times when wearing a hair tie around your wrist wouldn’t be appropriate for the situation but as i said the time comes when you just need to put your hair up and with this you can do just that and look awesome at the same time!
The cuff itself is about 3 inches and will fit most wrists. I found that it fit mine find as i have tiny wrists so its a good judge it also fit my sister who has average sized wrists.
My readers will know that i never blog about fashion its not something i do but with this product it isnt really that fashion it has a use which is to tie your hair up but to look good whilst your doing it!

You will be able to get the Ti Up from Harlem Carter by going to their website under the accessories section. Although £50* might be a bit much for a cuff and hair tie its just something that will be with you for a while so why not splurge out and treat yourself to something nice!

What do you think of the Ti Up?
Do you always wear hair ties on your wrists?
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  1. This is such an amazing idea! I constantly have a hair tie around my wrist and have definitely experienced that awkward social situation of thinking ‘s***. This place is classy and I have a hair tie on my wrist…’ and try to sneakily pop it into my bag!!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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