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Today i wanted to talk about something i had the chance to try before launch. Usually when you hear Barry M you automatically think of either makeup or nails so i thought another post for my female beauties but i was surprised to see that this new Nail Care range from Barry M can be used by my male readers too.

Barry M Iron Mani Nail Hardener

In 2016, men are interested in grooming and personal care more than ever before. Its said that celebrities like David Beckham and Daniel Craig are partial to the occasional manicure! You take care care of your facial hair and your skin so why not pay the same amount of attention to your nails?

The brand new Barry M Nail Care range gives you a fuss-free alternative to an expensive salon trip whilst offering impressive results.

If you’ve read a few posts you will know i do love a good pun and this new range is just pun central. First we have Iron Mani which is the Ultimate Nail Hardener, it acts as a basecoat and treatment what works to strengthen, smooth and protect your nails from breakage. Iron Mani only needs to be used at least twice a week and ive been using it for around 2 weeks but i keep forgetting to be honest. I really liked Iron Mani but it smells so strong and i get headaches quite easy so i was a little worried on how well id cope with it.

Barry M Super Mani Treatment

Super Mani is a 7-in-1 treatment which is also used twice weekly as a base coat for your mani mask or it can be used alone. Super Mani offers 7 benefits to those who use it regularly:

  1. Encourages nail growth
  2. Strengthens with Keratin
  3. Nourishes with Argan Oil
  4. Promotes Shine
  5. Hydrates using Vitamin E
  6. Smoothes the nail surface
  7. Protects from Breakage

In all honesty i actually prefer the Super Mani because i feel like it’s doing more for my nails than just strengthening them as i dont really get much breakage anyway so Iron Mani not really high up on my list of things to use.

Barry M Mani Mask

Finally we have Mani Mask which is for Camouflage, Colour and Condition. There are 2 colours in this range both are a pinky flesh tone. The lighter of the 2 is called Bashful which is a pale pink and the other which is darker is called Birthday Suit which is a nude tone. Bashful suits my nails more as they tend to be more pink than anything else. It does take a while to build up some coverage being that these are so sheer they would be perfect for men as they give that your nails but better look. I wondered about this when i first got these but dont worry the Mani Mask are matte so there is absolutely no shine to them once they dry.

Look out for Barry M’s first Nail Care launching into Boots and Superdrug on the 20th of January, prices will be around £3+

Which part of this range stands out to you?
Bashful? or Birthday Suit?
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Skincare blog covering everything from reviews, tutorials to busting myths, finding dupes and breaking down trends.