New Launches: Rise and Prime with Benefit Cosmetics

New Launches: Rise and Prime with Benefit Cosmetics

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Sorry for the really bad pun…Rise and Prime, i can’t help but love it haha!  Benefit have recently launched quite a few new products and ive managed to get my hands on them. I always love a Benefit delivery because a lot of thought always goes into them, how cute are the “Porefessional Pops” Waking up to a bowl of Porefessional pops and brushing your teeth with Porefessional Toothpaste.
Benefit Porefessional Pops Cereal

There are 2 launches from Benefit i was really excited to try, the Porefessional Matte Rescue and the Porefessional Total Wipeout Masks. I can’t get enough of the Masks they are something rather unique not in the sense of what they look like but in the design of the packaging. The box first of all is a cute little briefcase (attention to detail is everything i love good packaging) each box of the Porefessional Total Wipeout Masks contains 8 separate mask to be used whenever you feel you need a pore shrinking pick me up.

New Launches: Rise and Prime with Benefit Cosmetics

Containing tea tree, witch hazel and mushroom extract, each mask can be used on the nose, chin or forehead basically anywhere that you need a bit of pore-shrinkage. It’s simple enough to activate the product, all you have to do is press down on the blue button which will saturate the mask in the purifying solution ready for you to apply it to any part of your face. When using these I left them on for about 10 minutes and like the box says I used the raised side to exfoliate my nose with the remaining solution.

Porefessional Total Wipeout Masks

I’ve been using these for a 2 weeks now and I find that the more you use them the better results you get, the first use was interesting because it did shrink my large pores somewhat, but after the 3 and 4th use I saw that they did look smaller than they were beforehand. It’s a really weird sensation always its like a tingly minty feeling like it almost feels really cold on your nose for the 10 minutes, which ive heard is supposed to be because of the mushroom extract which works to tighten the pores.

Benefit Cosmetics Matte Rescue

Porefessional Matte Rescue is supposed to be a lighter version of the original Porefessional Primer. Matte Rescue is a lightweight, water based gel that can be used after using the Instant Wipeout Masks and before Porefessional Primer to get the best results out of the range. Matte Rescue has been created to absorb oil and shrink pores. I was really impressed with one of the ingredients, Diamond powder that’s right Diamonds!! they are used to deliver a soft focus pore-blurring effect. Benefit also says that Matte Rescue can also be used for as a light moisturiser for those of you with.

Ive been using this in the morning and throughout the day i have noticed that i am a lot less oily than normal which is fantastic because no one likes to be oily. These products really work wonders when all paired together as you’re getting 3 times the pore fighting power.

Benefit Cosmetics Matte Rescue

You can find both Porefessional Matte Rescue* (£21.50) and the Porefessional Total Wipeout Masks* (£24.50) at all benefit counters and online at

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  1. I love how cute Benefit are with packages, and their packaging to buy! I think porefessional is my number 1, I always have it with me, to additions to that family are always welcome! 🙂

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