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Top 5 Beauty Products of 2016

Top 5 Beauty Products of 2016

Hey Beauties!

Can you believe its almost 2017? where has this year gone! Over the course of the last year i have tried a lot of products some absolute terrible things ill never use again but also some fantastic products that i cant live without now.

Ive tried to put together my top 5 favourite products that ive used this year, i could of course go on forever but i limited it to the 5 you see: The Naked Ultimate Basics Palette by Urban Decay, L’anza Trauma Treatment, Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop, Kiko Pure Clean Scrub & Peel Wipes and the Real Techniques Bold Metals 101 Triangle Foundation Brush.

This really is the ultimate naked palette! My only complaint with previous Naked Palettes were the lack of matte colours in them, if youre anything like me you love a matte eyeshadow and it seemed quite hard to find until recently which i why i am absolutely in love with this palette because not only is it really pigmented, the eyeshadows blend like a complete dream as if you didn’t need to work at blending like you do with some eyeshadows. There really is something for everyone in this palette.

I am big fan of these wipes i think ive mentioned them in 4 or 5 other blog posts this year so you know they have made a big impact on me! Each packet of Kiko Scrub and Peel comes with 20 wipes which are double sided, one side has raised bumps used for exfoliation and the other side is smooth to comfort the skin after the exfoliation.
When using these wipes take the raised side and gently run it over your skin like you would with a normal wipe, make sure not to scrub to hard as these are really abrasive! Each wipe contains a mixture of alpha hydroxy acids in this case Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid that aid in skin rejuvenation and panthenol which softens and protects the complexion. When using AHA’s you will want to make sure you are using a good SPF just as a precaution as AHA’s can cause sensitivity to the sun.

This is the one highlight to end all highlighters! Its literally my favourite highlighter ever i know thats a big claim but it really is amazing i cant get enough of it. Champagne Pop is a peachy based highlighter with equal parts of warm and cool tones meaning that almost anyone can use this product from really pale pale skin to really deep skin as well. I don’t know about you, but I always had trouble finding a highlighter that would just look glowy and gorgeous without looking like chunky glitter or really obvious shimmer with Champagne Pop you don’t get that as its made with ultra-fine luminescent pearl particles that give out this really beautiful natural sheen to the skin.

L’anza was a brand that was completely new to me so i didnt have any expectations for how good this product would be. I first heard of it from one of my lecturers, the amazing Karen Montgomery! she would always go on about how amazing L’anza is so when they contacted me about going to their event and letting my try a few of their products a few weeks back, i had to tell Karen she was the one who suggest i use this because i do tend to colour my hair a lot which in turn damages my hair. Trauma Treatment has this fantastic formula that heals your over processed hair so if you bleach your hair to an inch of its life this is like a rescue product to help return your hair to a good condition   A good thing that i like also was not only did it heal your hair is also contains triple UV colour protectors which help to fading of your colour. Trauma treatment is said to be the first product with colour attachment technology, which improves colour uptake, deposition and adherence. Trauma Treatment is ultra healing, leave in prescription to restore your hair’s vibrant health.

Top 5 Beauty Products of 2016

I’m obsessed with brushes so i basically need to have them all haha! You will never understand the excitement when i found out that Real Techniques had sent me every single brush they do. That was probably one of the best things ive been sent so far through blogging. Not only does this brush apply foundation like a dream getting into all those nooks and crannys a regular brush can get into it, it looks amazing!
I think the icing on the cake had to be when i realised that every brush that Real Techniques had sent me had my initials engraved into them its a nice touch!

What are your favourite products of 2016
What has really stood out for you this year?
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