e.l.f Cosmetics Has Landed In Superdrug!!

e.l.f Cosmetics Has Landed In Superdrug!!

Hey Beauties!

Its a fantastic day today! The sun is shining, it feels like summer and best of all e.l.f Cosmetics has finally launched back in the UK. If you aren’t familiar with e.l.f, they were a US based budget brand that stopped selling in the UK a few years ago. e.l.f is all about empowering and educating people to play in innovation without sacrificing their budget. e.l.f offer a complete line of makeup and professional tools ranging from £3 to £12.50
For me they were they were the first budget brand i really got into when i started doing makeup, they provided great quality products for next to nothing. I remember ordering a few things years ago that were less than £1.50 which at the time was amazing because nothing was that cheap.

E.l.f Cosmetics Has Landed In Superdrug!!e.l.f will be launching into over 250 Superdrug on June 1st and launches online 3rd May. I can see e.l.f becoming a real contender for the drugstore as when they were in the UK years before they were really one of the very few budget brands that offered good quality makeup, this was before the time of MUA, Makeup Revolution etc.

I am really excited to see how well this works out because this is a big thing for e.l.f they have never been in a major realtor before. I think its big for us beauty lovers as e.l.f just disappeared overnight and a lot of us loved this brand but now its back! Its safe to say i am rather excited!

E.l.f Cosmetics Has Landed In Superdrug!!

Are you excited to see e.l.f back in the UK?
What was your favourite product?
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  1. I love Elf products and I wish I could find them easier but since I can only order online, items get out of stock and I have to wait till they are back again. It is so exciting that they are back to the UK 🙂


  2. I adore elf as a brand and they have so many hidden gems! I am impatiently waiting for their new launches to arrive Canada, the Matte 2 palette is stunning!

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