New #Insta Collection from Rimmel London

New Insta Collection from Rimmel London

Hey Beauties!

I know a lot of “Insta” things are really tacky these days but if im honest,  i really liked this collection from Rimmel. Gone are the days where drugstores produced substandard makeup a lot of these brands are real contenders for higher end products.

The #Insta is all about capturing the essence of the selfie! Containing products such as correctors & concealers, contour & highlighters, powders and a setting spray. My personal favourite from this collection has to be the #Insta Duo Contour Stick as the quality is really high and the highlighter side is gorgeous!

New Insta Collection from Rimmel London

New Insta Collection from Rimmel London

New Insta Collection from Rimmel London
Swatches from the corrector palette and the dark concealer palette


First off we have the #Insta Conceal and Contour (£6.49*)  which comes in 4 shades: Light, Medium, Dark and Corrector. Each palette contains 3 colours: a highlighter, a concealer and a contour- im not really that keen on these palettes because im not sure how well they would work as the highlighter colour isnt really a highlighter its just a rather light concealer and the contour is a bit to warm to be a sculpting product.

New Insta Collection from Rimmel London

New Insta Collection from Rimmel London

The #Insta Duo Contour Stick (£6.99*) were a real stand out for me in this collection simply because the highlighter colours were beautiful although i wasnt totally keen on the contour colours as they were still a bit too warm for me. These are both cream based which is a dream to work with because sometimes i find contour/highlighting powders a bit flat and chalky depending on the brand but with a cream you can really merge the product with the skin to create a gorgeous finish. The #Insta Duo Contour Stick comes in 3 different shades: light, medium and dark, what really impressed me was the variation in the highlighter as when the skin gets darker you should switch from pink based highlighters to a more golden tone which Rimmel has done perfectly.

New Insta Collection from Rimmel London

New Insta Collection from Rimmel London

#Insta Fix & Matte (£4.99*) is a super fine matte translucent powder. Despite the price of this powder it is actually pretty good at mattifying the skin and blurring flaws due to the formula. There is not much you can say about this other than if anything is pretty cute because of the hashtag pattern!

Last but by no means least is the #Insta Fix & Go (£6.99*), a 2 in 1 primer and setting spray this is probably the product i have used the least as i am so loyal to the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray but if you are looking for an affordable setting spray you should check this one out as i can be using before and after makeup.

Although this collection is honestly slightly gimmicky it is still a good collection, I liked how usable a lot of the products would be in everyday life such as the contour sticks which would be good for on the go application as well as the powder for on the go oil control.

You can find this collection in Superdrug online and instore

What do you think of the  #Insta Collection?
What of the products catch your eye?
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  1. I’m seeing this collection every where! I really want to try the contouring sticks and the setting spray!

    Jaynie Shannon*


  2. I really rate this setting spray as an affordable alternative to UD. I also think I’d like the contour sticks as I prefer a warmer contour – it suits my skin tone. You’re so right about the hashtag pattern on the powder – v cute!

  3. I’m a massive fan of contour sticks so I am glad rimmel came out with them. I’ve also been loving that more and more drugstore brands are coming out with setting sprays. I’ve heard such good things about this rimmel setting spray, I definitely plan to pick it up.

    1. Maybe if you actually read the post instead of just leaving a bitchy comment you’d see that i said this collection was not only a little gimmicky but the contours were too orange and that the setting spray seemed a bit meh…average and i also critiqued that i wasnt a massive fan of the concealer palettes! so yeah….

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