NIOD Survival 30 Daily SPF Review

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NIOD is starting to become a fast favourite with me, ive not tried much of their products because in all honest i was quite confused as to what they did! but thanks to Vicky (@SkincareMagpie) I have quite a good handle on some of their products.
The lovely people at Deciem recently sent me quite a few of their products from both NIOD and The Ordinary to try out so i obviously had to try Survival 30. If you were wondering what Survival 30 is its silicone dispersed UV minerals (….bascially a mineral SPF in a silicone base)

If you havent heard already if you live in Glasgow, Deciem have launched a counter in House of Fraser Glasgow on Buchanan Street so its worth checking out if you want to ask them any questions or if you are unsure about anything.

There are different levels of  Survival – 0. 10, 20, 30, i choose 30 which is a SPF 3o UVA/UVB broad spectrum PA+++.t
One thing i would mention about SPF is something i had only found out recently as a few years ago . You are supposed to wear SPF every day not just on your holidays or on a sunny day as sun damage is the leading cause of aging. You can have an amazing skincare routine but if you dont use SPF at the end you’re undoing all of that good work you have been doing

I wasnt very sure how i would get on with this because of the silicone base. I have acne prone so anything that is heavy on silicones tends to make me break out but luckily this hasnt and i actually quite like it because it makes for a good makeup primer as the silicone base makes it easier to apply your base onto. Its not often i find a good SPF that plays well with other products.

NIOD Survival 30 Daily SPF Review

I do have one problem with Survival 30 and it isn’t with the product its with the packaging, it is so unbelievably messy, I would have prefered a pump as the product is thick enough for it so it would have worked out well. I think the problem is the constant taking out of the pump and putting it back get the product all around the neck of the bottle. (i had to clean it around 3 times just taking pictures for this post because i wanted it to be pretty haha)

NIOD Survival 30 Daily SPF Review

Even though this is a more expensive SPF if i continue to have good results with this i would willingly buy this when this runs out, i would expect to get quite a good usage out of this as you’re supposed to use 1/4 of a teaspoon (Around 5ml) to get a SPF 30 level of sun protection, applied to both face and neck.

I was a little worried that it would give me a bit of a white cast due to the fact it looks tinted but when applied it does give a little bit of a white cast but once it settles down it seems to disapear,  i wouldnt know about someone of a deeper skin tone. Deciem have said that Survival is not a tinted SPF and that tinted appearance is derived from the active technologies of Lutein, Fractionated Melanin and Pycnogenol.

You can find NIOD Survival 30 on the Deciem website (HERE) for £25* also if you are lucky you might be able to find it on counter if you have one near where you live.

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