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Can you believe its December already! To be honest im just glad 2017 is nearly over, this year has been insane and we all thought 2016 was bad haha!
I wanted to talk about something that was actually pretty good about 2017, it was the year i discovered Retinoids and Sunday Riley Luna so this year was not a completely loss

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a next generation Retinoid in oil that claims to help fight the signs of aging but help with the appearance of damaged skin as well as improving pore size over time.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

I had never tried Retinol before so i was quite wary at the start of the year as i had heard about the irritation you can get from Retinol but now almost 12 months on i cant live without my retinoids, i feel it has made such an impact on my skin. My skin has never looked better as it does now and i feel like that was down to me getting a really good skincare routine in place as well as the introduction of a Retinoid.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil contains some fantastic ingredients such as Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate which is a trans-retinol ester of Retinoic Acid. HPA is an ester form, but unlike others HPA doesn’t have to be converted to retinol as it works by binding to retinoid receptors to initiate the same physiological cascade as retinol and with the addition of the carrier oils in Luna they soothe the potential irritability of the Retinoid.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

Luna also contains German Chamomile, Avocado Seed Oil and Blue Tansy all used to help reduce the chance of irritation which is common with Retinoids.

I tend to use Luna at the end of my skincare routine right after my serum as this is quite a thick oil. I tend to use around 4 drops of this and massage it into my skin dont worry about the blue tint to Luna as this wont transfer onto the skin.

I would say that the only downside of Luna is the price, this retinoid oil is £85 for 35ml of product. I still haven’t used much of this and i have used it almost everyday for about a year its one of these products i dont think ill ever use up completely.
If you can’t afford Luna then i would suggest maybe the Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% or 5% as this contains HPA as well but for a fraction of the price

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

If you are interested in Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, you can find it online at Spacenk.com or instore for £85*

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Have you used Retinol before?
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