Skincare I’m Currently Trialling

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Welcome Skintellectuals!

How are you guys today! im feeling fantastic! i thought i would would do a blog post on some of the products im trialing just now, of course this isn’t everything but its the things i am pretty excited to try!

Skincare I'm Currently Trialling

First thing i want to talk about is the new Murad Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum, Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum is a clinically proven serum that reduces the appearance of dark spots, age spots and hyperpigmentation is just 1 week (check out my instastories for the clinical study pictures) .
I’ve used this about 3 times now and first impressions are pretty good even though it’s clinical strength there is no tingling or stinging when you apply which is good because I’m actually afraid of the pain.
Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum contains a mixture of 3 key ingredient: – Niacinamide which enchanted cell turnover to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots, Hexylresorcinol which minimises damage that can lead to future discolouration and finally Plankton Extract this dissolves dark spots to revitalise skins natural tone and even complexion.
It also has a few other ingredients such as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and oligopeptides.
I think this would be a great product for those of you who suffer from dark marks/hyperpigmentation due to sun damage. I have a few marks on my skin that I really want to lighten and get rid of, hopefully through using this I can do that
Launches April 2018, £70* for 30ml

Skincare I'm Currently Trialling

So first impressions I’ve been using this about a week now and I’m pretty impressed I mostly wanted to try it out as @carolinehirons had talked about how much she loved it.
It’s an interesting product because it’s actually quite thick and emollient but it’s not heavy at all so it’s perfect for my combination skin!
This moisturiser is packed full of Hyaluronic acid so it’s great for dehydrated skin, mature skin that needs plumping up, basically anyone! Haha
I’m looking forward to continuing using it and seeing if the results I’m getting will improve even more so.

£60* from

Skincare I'm Currently Trialling

Glamglow Waterburst is a super hydrating moisturiser containing 3 molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid this means that they can deliver hydration to the different layers of the skin, Waterbrust is formulated with water from the Jeju Island in Korea because of its crystal blue waters and volcanic and mineral rich soil, it also contains Blue Nymph Lily Extract known for its plumping, replenishing and quenching skin properties.
The only thing that concerns me is that it contains Blue Nymph Lily Extract which comes from a rare flower, I just hope there is some sustainability there and they won’t completely use it up.

Glamglow Waterbrust Moisturiser will be £39* and available from the 28th March from Boots and online at

Skincare I'm Currently Trialling

You all know how much I love a good SPF so I was really pleased when the Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ arrived. This is a high coverage SPF with a bit of a tint to it, I used this today and was pretty happy with how it applied it was obviously a little thicker than the Body Shop Skin Defence but that was fine with me cause it didn’t feel thick on the skin.
Photoderm MAX would make a great daily SPF as it’s broad spectrum as well as having a tint that dries now to a matte finish.

£14.50* from

Skincare I'm Currently Trialling

Since ive learnt more about skincare ive not like been big on eye creams unless they are active and have a purpose as a hydrated eye cream isn’t going to do much that your moisturiser can’t do. I recently came across this eye cream by Murad, its retinol based which was something i was always looking into as i saw that Dr Dennis Gross did one but i obviously couldn’t afford that so im happy that Murard had sent me this one. This eye serum works to minimise the look of wrinkles and crow’s feet while infusing skin with a nutrient-rich Marine Kelp Complex to lift, firm and visibly brighten dark circles.

What i like most about Murad Retinol product is that they contain a potent yet gentle fast-acting Retinoid, a time-released Retinol and a Retinol booster. So you get the full benefit from the retinol!

£65* from

Skincare I'm Currently Trialling

I’ve been trying out the May Lindstrom, The Problem Solver and i have to admit its pretty awesome. This is obviously just a sample size that i was given by the amazing SkincareMagpie and im so glad that she sent me it because it really is a problem solver. It’s a powder based mask which is just ingenious because it can’t go off or denature because its a power. You mix it up with water equal parts, i only apply it where i need it as i dont really need to use it all over my face.

The Problem Solver contains a jet-black fusion of indulgent and antioxidant-rich raw cacao, activated bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients, salts, and exotic spices. With ease, this intensive treatment masque effectively purifies & tightens pores, bringing warmth and detoxification to the skin.

£96 for 250ml from

Skincare I'm Currently Trialling

I’ve been trying a new lip lately as my lips have been pretty dry, Anthony Advanced Formula Mint & White Lip Balm is a matte lip conditioner with UVA/UVB SPF 25 that works to prevent lips from drying and cracking in response to weather and other extremities such as pollution.

£8 from

What skincare products are you using?
Are you using any of these?
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    These products are rubbish,don’t waste your money there is plenty of good products out their much more affordable,don’t waste your hard earned money 💰💲

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