Masking in 90 Seconds with Foreo UFO.

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We all know that everyone loves a good pampering mask and I hate the whole faffing of wearing a mask that slips off my face and having to lie down for at least 20 minutes.
That all changed when I tried the UFO Smart Mask, the main reason I don’t use masks is as I said they are faffy, but the UFO only takes 90 seconds to do!

Masking in 90 Seconds with Foreo UFO.

Foreo UFO combines advanced dermal technologies with exclusive Korean mask formulas. I feel like this is such a unique idea I haven’t seen anything like it before Foreo just keeps on innovating and developing new technologies.

You might be thinking how the hell does this thing work and to be honest that’s how I felt when I first saw it but its actually really easy to use! You use the specially developed Korean face masks with the device, you simply pop out the ring place the mask on the UFO and secure it into place and start you treat with the Foreo app on both Android and iOS.

Masking in 90 Seconds with Foreo UFO.

Foreo has some of the most innovative technology that I’ve used in skincare for consumer use. UFO itself is a technological wonder it contains Hyper-infusion Technology, in Thermo-Therapy mode it gives off a gentle heat that relaxes, soothes and revitalizes. As UFO gradually warms it infuses active mask ingredients into the skin, making them more effective in less time. In Cryotherapy mode UFO gives you an effortless way to diminish the appearance of pores and reduce puffiness. No need to stash skincare in the freezer – with the simple touch of a button, UFO instantly cools to refresh and invigorate the skin.

I love the fact that it comes with an app as well I think that’s what makes it so good, its the amount of customisation you get that I really like!
What I really like about this is you can follow a specific masking program dedicated to this mask by scanning the barcode or you can create your own program by using the testing tools. I love using the cool function on the UFO to great rid of puffiness and to temporarily tighten skin by way of vasoconstriction.

Masking in 90 Seconds with Foreo UFO.

UFO comes with something called T-sonic™ Pulsations, this patented technology apparently helps boosts absorption of the active mask ingredients and also a full spectrum of LED Therapy.
Different colours can help with different things Red LED works in healing and anti-ageing, Blue works to help get rid of the bacteria that causes acne and Green is apparently for controlling and breaking down pigmentation but to be honest this is the first time I’ve heard of this.

Masking in 90 Seconds with Foreo UFO.

While at a hefty price tag of £249, it definitely isn’t a must-have its a great thing to have in your skincare arsenal but its something you could do without it’s not gonna give you some magical results that a good routine won’t do. I would say if you can afford it then totally go for it because it is innovative and fun to use but by no means is it something you need in your life

You can find the Foreo UFO Smart Masking Device at Foreo, John Lewis and Cult Beauty

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Foreo UFO Smart Masking Device
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The Good


Really quick no faf!

Easy to Use and Customise

The Bad

Super Expensive

You have to buy dedicated masks

Kind of useless without the masks

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