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Busting Myths: Natural vs Synthetic

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If there is one thing I see more often than not is the argument between Natural vs Synthetic which is right?
Its really not as simple as that, nothing is ever that black and white. I thought I would break down my thoughts on this issue.

Personally, I prefer synthetic ingredients because a lot of the time the information we get from them is based in science, in studies and trials we can say for certain that certain ingredients work and we can perfectly replicate it every time also my skin reacts really badly to overly botanic based products it’s just something my skin hates.

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As I said I have always loved synthetics because I see everything being very cohesive, every batch is the same so every product will do the same thing every time something that cant be said for natural products as there is always going to be variation in different natural ingredients because nothing is ever the same. I feel as if synthetics tend to be more sustainable as well as we aren’t always talking away from the land as we can create these ingredients in a lab and finally I really like the idea that we can edit things in labs by taking ingredients found in nature and utilising them but removing any of the known irritants, something that cant be said for natural skincare.

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A lot of the time I see brands and influencers/bloggers talking about how natural is best and you should use natural products especially if you have sensitive skin. Natural products arent better for you and will do more for you there is no evidence to support that, it’s just something brands made up to sell more products.

Where brands often say natural skincare is better for sensitive or highly reactive skin this just isn’t true either the opposite is often true when you create ingredients synthetically you can edit out any allergens or irritants whereas you wouldn’t be able to do this with natural products because in nature there is always going to be deviations because nothing is the same.

Your synthetic products aren’t harmful and they certainly don’t contain “toxins” These are just buzz words brands use to create fear within their customers so they can keep their customers buying their products because they are seen as safer than synthetics.
I feel like instead of natural brands just letting their products speak for themselves they always go on about bold claims and how it doesn’t contain parabens or silicones etc.

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The one that gets me the most is when a natural brand describes their products as “chemical-free” nothing is chemical free because it’s impossible even natural products contain combinations of tons of different chemicals. From the air we breathe to the water we drink, they are all combinations of different chemicals.

Chemical is not synonyms with toxic or dangerous.

As well with the term “synthetic” just because something is synthetic it doesn’t mean it’s dangerous or worse than natural. I see this argument the most with organic (chemical) sunscreens, a lot of brands talk about how the chemicals are absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds which just isn’t true.

If you take something like Vitamin C for example if you found it in nature and then made it in the lab synthetically when you examine them they will be chemically the same because Vitamin C is Vitamin C. If somehow the synthetic Vitamin C was different to the natural version then it wouldn’t be Vitamin C anymore

When looking at products you want to buy instead of looking to see if its natural look at the ingredients list and figure out for yourself if this product is right for your skin or not. It shouldn’t be about whether a product is natural or not, it should be about does it work for you?

Fear seems to be the biggest component of natural beauty, these brands want to keep you scared and uninformed because that way they can get your money from you. The best way to beat fear is to become informed to learn about ingredients to stay away from websites like EWG and natural only facebook groups. Look for real results in studies and scientific journals just don’t believe whatever someone says on Facebook/Instagram and take it as fact.

What is your take on Natural vs Synthetic?
What do you prefer?
Leave a comment!

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  • Hazel | 29th July 2019 at 2:45 pm

    Wow thank you for busting this myth for us! I always thought natural is the way to go, but then it’s all just a marketing gimmick to trick people into buying and scare them of the synthetic beauty products. I agree with you, always check the ingredient lists instead.

    xo Hazel –

  • Melissa Major 1st September 2019 at 10:02 pm

    I couldnt agree more with these points! I like using wide range of skincare products but the syntheics are better for me. I am the same when i see chemical free products ( don’t make sense), its getting riduclous what some companys are saying that now.

    Mel ? | Moonlight Mel

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