Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Review

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Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Review

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When using skincare products bacterial growth is always seen as a bad thing but through the amazing Caroline Hirons, I found something really amazing. Mother Dirt AO+ Mist, this is a spray that you can use anywhere on the body.

What is it?

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist is a probiotic face and body mist that contains Ammonia Oxidising bacteria. The idea is that a lot of skin problems start to occur when the skin’s microbiome is disrupted. Ammonia Oxidising bacteria help to restore the balance to your microbiome. The Ammonia Oxidising bacteria basically consume the ammonia and urea in your sweat and in turn produce the necessary elements in the natural nitrogen cycle that keep your skin microbiome thriving.

How do you use it?

I usually use it in the PM after I have cleansed, I spray it onto my face and let it absorb then continue on with my routine. I make sure that I don’t use anything like Benzoyl Peroxide because this is an antibacterial and will end up killing the bacteria making it pointless. My sister also uses it on her legs when she gets eczema and for whatever reason, it seems to clear it up really well.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Review

Whats in it?

Aqua (Water) solv, Nitrosomonas Eutropha, Disodium Phosphate buff, Magnesium Chloride (Natural Salts) vc
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A lot of you will be wondering why a product can contain live bacteria when they go through testing for bacteria. Well according to EU cosmetic regulations you can use live bacteria in your product so long as it’s supposed to be there. If you add it to your formula with an actual purpose then its fine to use.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Review


While we can’t make drug claims for this product I do feel like my skin isn’t as at odds with itself and because of the results my sister got in clearing up eczema, I would totally try it out as it can’t hurt to just give it a go.

Mother Dirt says that this mist should help to create a thriving microbiome which means your skin doesn’t have to compensate for sneaky little bad bacteria that love to wreak havoc, causing dryness, oiliness, or worse.

Final Thoughts

If I had seen this product on its own I probably wouldn’t have bought it but because Caroline Hirons had such good results with it had to try it out to see what the fuss was all about.

I would like to warn people thought where this does contain live probiotic bacteria there are a LOT of brands out there who claim to be probiotics and when you read their INCI list the product either doesn’t contain probiotics but ferments which would be classed as postbiotics and when the product does contain bacteria it’s mostly dead because the product contains preservatives. If you are using a probiotic product and it contains preservatives the bacteria is going to be dead.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Review

Where to buy?

You can find the Mother Dirt AO+ Mist at (£49.99) in the UK and on ($49.99) in the US

What do you about live bacteria in your products?
Have you heard about the microbiome before?
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