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Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Review

5th February 2018 in Brows, Makeup - 1 Comment

Welcome Skintellectuals! Everyone likes good brows right? Brows have become the it thing in the past few years it’s amazing how trends change so much, in the 90’s it was all about those really thin over plucked brows but now…

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Benefit 3D Browtones Review

10th March 2017 in Brows, Makeup - 5 Comments

Hey Beauties! I’m a big fan of brows and I’m not talking about those blocky Instagram brows (no offence it’s just not my thing) I love a good structured “fluffy” eyebrow and 3d Brow Tones from Benefit is just the…

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Guide to Male Grooming

Hey Beauties! I’ve done a How to on Male Grooming before but that was quite a few years ago so i thought why not do a new updated version just to see how much has changed in terms of the…

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Urban Decay Brow Beater Review

4th May 2016 in Brows, Makeup - 2 Comments

Hey Beauties! If there is one part of makeup that i love more than contouring it has to be brows! Brows can completely make or break your look as brows frame your face. They are a lot more important than…

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Illamasqua Brow Build Review

20th April 2016 in Brows, Makeup - 20 Comments

Hey Beauties! How are you amazing people today? In Glasgow its a beautiful today there’s not a cloud in the sky i guess this is our summer and tomorrow it will be raining again haha! If you’re a long time reader of…

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dupes – Freedom Makeup Pro Brow Pomade and Duo Brow Powder

24th February 2016 in Brows, Makeup - 10 Comments

Hey Beauties! I came across some fantastic dupes the other day when i was in Superdrug, it was like were calling to me from across the shop haha. I think sometimes products can be really expensive and you might not be…

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Fab Brows Brow Kit Review

18th September 2015 in Brows, Makeup, Male Grooming, Male Makeup - 16 Comments

Hey Beauties! I think brows are generally the most misunderstood part of your face as for some people they might not know how much your eyebrows can change your face as a whole. Good brows can take years of you…

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Billion Dollar Brows Review

7th April 2013 in Brows, Makeup - 22 Comments

Hey Beauties! I think brows are a really important feature to your face they bring structure, they can lift your entire face and they can also be your defining feature just think about Cara Delevingne and her full brows thats what shes…

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