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Natural vs Synthetic

Welcome, Skintellectuals! If there is one thing I see more often than not is the argument between Natural vs Synthetic which is right?Its really not as simple as that, nothing is ever that black and white. I thought I would…

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Retinol Myths That Need to Be Laid to Rest

Welcome, Skintellectuals! Retinoids are probably the single most effective skincare product you could have in your arsenal simply because they are proven to work with around 30+ years worth of exhaustive research. While retinoids are amazing there are a vast…

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How to decode ingredients lists? + £100 Skincare Giveaway!

15th March 2019 in Hints and Tips, Skincare - No Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals! I’ve been getting asked a lot lately how to read ingredients lists on products and what can you use to get better at identifying things to look out for so i thought i would get together with Judit…

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5 Things your Dermatologist Wants You To Know.

Welcome Skintellectuals! Today i come to you with a guest post from the amazing Dr Natalia Spierings, a consultant dermatologist one of the best in my opinion and today we are going to talk about how to deal with the…

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Are Parabens Really As Dangerous As People Say??

4th March 2019 in Hints and Tips, Skincare - 24 Comments

Welcome, Skintellectuals! Over the past few years in the beauty industry, we have all been told that Parabens are bad and cause cancer and that we should avoid them, well I’m here to tell you that isn’t true! First off…

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