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Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil Review

17th August 2018 in Skincare, Treatment - 8 Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals!  It’s no secret that i feel that Retinol should be a staple in everyone’s routine if your 20 or 60 its my opinion that everyone should be using it.Retinol is one of two things that can be called…

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Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask Review

25th May 2018 in Skincare, Treatment - 10 Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals! What do you think of my new photo background? I’m really loving it! It just makes products pop. Today  i thought i would talk about a mask by Emma Hardie i have been using for a while now….

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Blackheads and What We Can Do to Get Rid of Them

9th May 2018 in Skincare, Treatment - 4 Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals! I get a lot of messages from people wondering how best to deal with blackheads, it inspired me to write a blog post on the topic as i can go more in depth. Contrary to popular belief blackheads…

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La Roche Posay Reformulates Effaclar Duo [+]

Welcome Skintellectuals! Think back to 2014, everyone was obsessed with Effaclar Duo i literally dont know anyone who wasnt talking about it. Effaclar was on every blog as far as i can remember, to be honest its not something i…

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Save or Splurge – Foreo Espada vs Neutrogena Acne Light Therapy

14th February 2018 in Skincare, Treatment - 5 Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals! I have been meaning to do this post for a while now but since the Neutrogena Light Therapy launched i thought i would just combine the posts into a Save or Splurge post.We have 2 acne treatments here that…

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My First Laser Hair Removal Session with Therapie Glasgow

7th February 2018 in Skincare, Treatment - 4 Comments

Welcome, Skintellectuals! I never thought Laser Hair Removal would something i would be doing just now as i had heard about all the stories of it being painful and having to go for a ton of sessions to be hair…

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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil Review

1st December 2017 in Skincare, Treatment - 2 Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals! Can you believe its December already! To be honest im just glad 2017 is nearly over, this year has been insane and we all thought 2016 was bad haha!I wanted to talk about something that was actually pretty…

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Upcoming Launch: Murad Pore Extractor Pomegranate Mask

1st November 2017 in Skincare, Treatment, Upcoming Launches - 5 Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals! If there is one thing i have problems with its pores and blackheads! it drives me crazy. When i heard that Murad was launching this little beauty its safe to say i was a pretty happy.Pore Extractor Pomegranate…

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Oribe Balmessence Lip Treatment Review

11th October 2017 in Skincare, Treatment - 6 Comments

Welcome, Skintellectuals! Today im going to talk about one of the most expensive lip balms i have ever bought and if im honest i dont regret it at all!If you didnt know about Oribe before they are an extremely luxurious…

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GlamGlow has Launched a Power Rangers GravityMud Mask!

2nd October 2017 in Skincare, Treatment - 3 Comments

Hey Beauties! If you were anything like me when you were young, you were obsessed with the Power Rangers I mean what 90’s kid didn’t love the Power Rangers. My mum told me that when I was young it was…

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