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Do’s and Don’ts of Male Grooming

22nd February 2013 in Male Grooming, Skincare, Uncategorised - 6 Comments

A while back I said I was going to start doing more posts including men’s skincare and cosmetics so this is the first of many a post about the topic! I thought I would start off with something simple a…

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Guest Post- Pampered Prince, skincare solutions common complexion concerns

7th February 2013 in Eye Cream, Moisturiser, Skincare - 4 Comments

When Andrew James invited me to guest post for him, I was keen to write a post not too far from my skincare roots of Pampered Prince, yet still be interesting and useful for his makeup enthusiast readers. So, I’m…

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MAC Harmony Blush

18th January 2012 in Uncategorised - 19 Comments

Hey Beauties! This season there is a lot of peaches replacing the whole bronzed look but i have noticed a trend in contour cheeks which means shadows are placed on the face so that it can be changed basically changing…

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Skincare and Correction

10th January 2012 in Uncategorised - 22 Comments

Hey Beauties, Thought i would a little post on skincare today for Men. Many products that are usually used for different things can be used in a different way than its intended purpose such as Fix+ by MAC. Say you…

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Dangers of Latex at Halloween

9th October 2011 in Uncategorised - 10 Comments

Hello! <3 Since Halloween is coming up I thought I might do this to maybe?…save some pain hah So Latex! amazing stuff. You can make cuts and burns and make it look like skin is falling off and zombies but there is…

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It Gets Better!!

14th September 2011 in Uncategorised - No Comments

You always hear it gets better, but honestly it does it might not feel like it but its amazing i always hid who i was or tried to hide who i was i tried to act boyish as i could…

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Hangover Help for Guys and Girls!

11th September 2011 in Uncategorised - 8 Comments

Hey Guys! just doing a short post today! So we all like to have a little drink now and then, suddenly one drink turns into 50 ((in Glasgow anyway)) you wake up in the morning feeling and looking like hell, makeup smeared…

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Saving you some money! – MAC Sized to Go Collection

21st June 2011 in Uncategorised - 8 Comments

Hey Beauties! MAC has recently brought out a collection called “Sized to go” which is actually such a rip off! i wouldn’t advise you to buy it.((you can buy the empty MAC Containers and fill them up with the full sized product!))…

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Eyeliner….FOR MEN!

26th May 2011 in Uncategorised - No Comments

Hey Beauties! So i have had a few people ask me now how do i apply Eyeliner right? First you need….An Eyeliner….or as some call Guyliner ( Of course) There are different types of eyeliner that you could use: Pencil–…

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