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ZitSticka Killa Kit Review

25th May 2019 in Skincare, Treatment - 6 Comments

Welcome, Skintellectuals! Acne and breakouts have to be the absolute bane of my life! I finally get everything under control and then two days later another one pops up, it can be annoying! Fortunately, this doesn’t happen as often anymore…

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The Best of Skincare 2018

Welcome Skintellectuals! Can you believe that 2018 is over already? its insane it feels like this year has completely flown by! Since it is now 2019 i thought i would look back to the previous year and let know some…

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

29th August 2018 in Exfoliation, Skincare - 10 Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals! I can categorically say that i enjoy and use chemical exfoliants the most simply because i find them to work really well and there is no chance of you scrubbing too hard like with manual exfoliants. Up until…

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Blackheads and What We Can Do to Get Rid of Them

9th May 2018 in Skincare, Treatment - 4 Comments

Welcome Skintellectuals! I get a lot of messages from people wondering how best to deal with blackheads, it inspired me to write a blog post on the topic as i can go more in depth. Contrary to popular belief blackheads…

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La Roche Posay Reformulates Effaclar Duo [+]

Welcome Skintellectuals! Think back to 2014, everyone was obsessed with Effaclar Duo i literally dont know anyone who wasnt talking about it. Effaclar was on every blog as far as i can remember, to be honest its not something i…

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First Impressions: Philosophy The Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel

Hey Beauties! How are you all today? I’m having a great day just relaxing and pampering I thought why not just take a break and enjoy myself for a while. Peels are something that really new to me, a while…

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